Speed discrepancy needs to be fixed

SPEED DISCREPANCY: Letter writer Rod Riddle is calling for the speed limit for road trains to be increased.

SPEED DISCREPANCY: Letter writer Rod Riddle is calling for the speed limit for road trains to be increased.

In regards to the state's awful road crash statistics, in particular the truck accidents, I remember the local chief of police stating that it would only take four minutes longer to travel from Cummins to Port Lincoln at 100 kilometres an hour than 110km/h hour.

This statement was in order to slow car traffic down on the highway and hopefully avoid passing accidents with road trains.

What he did not say is the road trains on Eyre Peninsula, apart from those travelling on the Eyre Highway, are restricted to 90km/h hour.

I ask the chief of police to push the transport department to allow the road trains to do 100km/h hour as they do on the main highways and then no one needs to pass.

These trucks are more than capable of this speed.

The police have stated recently they will pursue all traffic at a greater strength to try and control the accident rate.

While we have this stupid speed discrepancy accidents are going to happen.

Let's fix this and really save some lives.



Volunteer concerns

Re: The article 'Policy change creates concern' in last week's West Coast Sentinel aboutthreats to volunteer numbers due to continuing directives and added imposts being thrust upon them.

At a meeting at Ceduna recently, attended by minister Ken Wyatt in his role as Minister for the Ageing at that time, he expressed the absolute necessity for volunteer support in coming years in all areas but especially in the area of ageing.

It was said then, "well good luck" as the imposts for many of us to volunteer have become too onerous, eg the endless police checks for a person to help or support in many areas.

Some people had to have as many as four or five.

He turned to our politicos and asked why? In WA there is a green card similar to your licence.

Surely this should be looked into.

Then word came out that the government or organisations will pay.

Not the point surely, as we went into these roles to save the government and these organisations money.

As volunteers we are wanting to give back to our communities and support the organisations involved.

Now we see even more loony ideas and imposts being thrust upon us.

I ask, are these people just trying to justify their bum on a seat or do they genuinely believe this is the way to go?

Small communities have a heavy reliance on volunteers, unlike our city counterparts where a lot of these rules and regulations come from.

You only have to look at Transforming Health and the mess that has created for country people.

I believe many of us have had a gutful and will be opting out of the roles we have been proud to help in over many, many years.

The losers will be the communities and the people we serve.


Streaky Bay


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