Double the riders for Winndie hunt

THE picturesque green fields of Winndie once again offered beautiful scenery for hunting on Saturday.

Despite the name of the property, owned by Greg and Robyn Packer, it was not windy at all.

Four riders made the journey for the hunt, which was good as it was double the amount of riders in the last run.

Welcomed by the mud their car tracks had made when they pulled up, riders began to saddle with indications that the run may be a little sloppy.

Master Tarnya Branson on Midge, leading once again, mounted up as her trusty deputy master Alison Turnbull on Walt was not as keen.

It was mentioned that Turnbull was a bit under the weather but luckily she had a ripper pony to look after her.

The master also invited Grace Kemp on Archie and Emma Manthorpe on Storm into the field.

Both riders have not ridden in many hunts this year and were happy to be out again.

With three cars and a small group of followers, the drivers braved it, following the horses across many boggy sections.

For the field's entertainment, at one gate in particular, one car ended up bogged in the corner.

The four equines were offered to use real horsepower and retrieve the vehicle but Doug Doudle showed off the strength of his Prado and pulled the bogged ute out with ease.

The hunt continued, leaving the boggy paddock and moving into bush, which one photographer quickly dashed into to take some photos.

On her dash quickly back out through a fence to catch the cars she got her hoodie caught in the barbed wire.

This resulted in a rescue by Sheree Mills to unhook the tangled girl and filmed the action for a laugh.

After a slippery first half of the hunt stirrup cup was welcomed by all as there was a shed provided for rest.

Unfortunately Turnbull was not as happy to go to stirrup cup as she had to retire from the field.

Manthorpe mentioned that she was "feeling a bit blue" as she was the only one hunting without a pink jacket and felt a little bit intimidated.

The second half of the hunt started with three riders making their way up the second part of the property.

Despite the loss of a rider the field rode strong and the smiles could not be wiped off of their faces.

The hunt ended where it began; the horses were looked after and riders made their way into the shed for afternoon tea as a light mist started to fall. It was good to see Kemp back in the field and riding as well with Manthorpe who now has a very eager Storm.

This weekend's hunt is the final hunt of the season and will be at Marble View, 208 Mickan East Road, this Saturday at 2pm.

There will be a bring your own barbecue tea available and camping welcome.

For more information visit Tally Ho!