Salmon around at Wanna

BLUEY: Stephen Johnson with a blue morwong that he caught this week.
BLUEY: Stephen Johnson with a blue morwong that he caught this week.

We have had a bit of everything this week when it comes to the weather.

However, plenty of anglers got out on the water to catch a feed of fish when the wind slowed down.

Now for what was biting and where.


At Convention Beach anglers were able to land a good feed of mullet and big tommies.

Salmon reports for the West Coast were slow this week.

Point Drummond and Greens Bay had reports of King George whiting of just legal size caught by land based anglers.

Good numbers of salmon have been caught from Locks Well up to Talia.

Fish to 3.5kg were landed on baits and lures.


Farm Beach boaties reported good catches of King George whiting.

Some fish were up to 40cm coming from areas of two to 13 metres of water.

Similar reports came further up the coast from Coles Point.

Offshore from Coffins has seen gummy sharks, nannygai and blue morwong caught when conditions allowed.


The south coast has seen some good catches of tommies and mullet coming from Wanna.

Salmon schools were spotted between Millers Hole and Wanna.

Squid reports have been patchy, there are a few around, but they are not in large numbers.

Try around Stenross, Snooks Landing, the town jetty, and Billy Lights if you are after a small feed.

King George have remained on the quieter side throughout local bays, with only a few decent catches reported this week.

Boston Bay along with the North Shore had some decent fish for boaties, but Proper Bay remained quiet.

Boaties managed to get a good feed of King George whiting, a few flat head, tommies and salmon trout from The Passage.

Yellowfin whiting were caught along the North Shore through to Tumby Bay.

Some very plump fish were being caught by patient anglers.


A few snook and tommies were reported from the jetty.

King George whiting were reported in close and squid baits were the best option.


Boaties fishing The Group reported good King George whiting catches, along with some decent snook caught trolling with deep diving minnows.


More yellowfin whiting were reported in shallow water.

Surface poppers and bloodworms were the best option.