Information wanted on new cemetery plaque

I noticed recently in the Port Lincoln Pioneer Cemetery a plaque on a very early grave bearing the initials J.B. and the words 'sheep farmer'.

The plaque is relatively new.

The grave is adjacent to some of the earliest graves dating back to the early 1840s.

I would like, in the interest of history, to contact the person who placed the plaque to share information, council records of the plaque or who installed it. Permission to do so is generally sought.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.


Port Lincoln

Overtaking trucks safer at 90km/h

I write in response to Rod Riddle's contention (Port Lincoln Times, August 15) that road train speed limit should be increased from 90 kilometres an hour to 100km/h so that cars will not find it necessary to pass them.

The person who finds it necessary to pass will always find it necessary to do so.

My point is that it is much more dangerous to pass a road train travelling at 100km/h than the current 90km/h.


Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln Times, August 15

Port Lincoln Times, August 15


Readers shared where they would like to see the $32-million road funding for the Eyre Peninsula road network spent.

The entrances to Tumby Bay Peter (Treloar). In particular the silo entrance.


The shoulders on the (Tumby Bay) silo entrance are non existent. Treacherous when you have a truck coming in the other direction. Also need overtaking lanes between Tumby & Lincoln. Now frequently sitting on 90 behind trucks & not safe to overtake with a truck coming the other way.


Flinders Highway Coffin Bay turn off to Warrow too narrow.


The ones that the trucks carting grain that was carted by rail will be ripping up.


For a quick fix widen the Cummins Lincoln turnoff merging lane, too short and narrow, should be extended to top of hill for trucks to gain speed up... several occasions I've had to come to a complete stop to give way traffic coming from Coffins and start again in bottom gear pretty frustrating when u are in a truck.


How about all the main highways on EP!


Need passing lanes between Arno and Pt Neill. Tod Hwy between Kyancutta and Lock needs widening and passing lane between Cummins and the Cummins turn off. Passing lanes needed in lots more places but 32 million won't go far need another 60 odd.


Some overtaking lanes on some part of Lincoln Highway between Whyalla and Lincoln as well on Tod & Flinders Hwys.


Duel highway from Lincoln to Cowell would be a good start.


Finish the highway widening to Kyancutta. Trees need cutting on the Cummins to Tumby road as they are damaging high and wide loads when moving over for on coming traffic. Lincoln Cummins turn off as mentioned by Kirk Kelly the slip lane needs to be wider and longer so trucks don't come to a stop and then climb over the hill at a crawl. A second entrance to Cummins bunkers off Tumby road say near skips crash repairs. All traffic from the north, east, west wouldn't have to go through the Main Street to enter bunker site. This would cut the through traffic (grain trucks) to Lincoln by 90%.


ALL OF THEM with this much increase in tons they will need to be constantly rebuilding all of them. Build two lanes then upgrade the other two, oh and take down the stop signs on railway crossings as there is NO MORE TRAINS. No more bike lanes on heavy vehicle routes ie Verran Tce. Ask the company that made the decision to wreck our roads to pay for the London St bridge and put in half of all road upgrades affected by this decision. Could keep going all day but think gov not listening, don't care.


Speed restrictions to be lowered on Western Approach Road in built up areas.


Should have already got a plan surely.