A lot can be said for service with a smile

Service with a smile. It is preached to those in hospitality and customer service, it is in almost every company's procedure manuals and pushed by nearly every boss in the world.

I personally remind my son while dropping him to work each Saturday at a local fast food restaurant.

He cops the usual Dad talk of: "mate, just remember you could be the first person someone speaks to today, you have the opportunity to send someone off with a meal and a smile."

After quite a busy few weeks and a tough week last week. I was feeling flat. I was tired, had been working hard and felt like I needed a good night's sleep, surf or a holiday. The thought of filling up my car in the rain on my way to do the school run felt like a massive chore. I was being a sook.

I dragged myself out of the house to do it and go about another usual day but something happened.

The bloke who changed my day would not have even known. I had been wondering what I would write in this article and he just enlightened me. He gave me inspiration on what to write about, he gave me a boost of energy to go about my day, he gave me a smile I could wear to show onto others and he gave me a 5 cent discount!

That's right, all that changed my week was a lovely greeting by a lad at a local service station on the way to work and a simple joke when he gave me a discount. He gave me that experience I told my son to give.

So young man, who will remain unnamed, I say thank you. To others reading this on a Tuesday morning, dreading a day ahead, remember this: one smile and joke gave me a different light on a whole week.

I will aim to do this for others each day. It was a reality check for me and I hope others take a page out of this lad's book.

I know where I'll buy my diesel from now on and not just so I can potentially save 5 cents a fortnight!