Diving into opportunity and thrills

I am a Port Lincoln local having lived here my whole life, bar a few trips away, I love it here and could not imagine living anywhere else.

Being able to go down to the shops or sport and be able to have a friendly chat with lots of different people is one of the best things about living here.

My line of work has been what I would like to think is a very interesting and varied one.

When I left school I had ambitions of joining the Navy because the idea of a career at sea held a huge appeal for me. That did not work out, and I did an apprenticeship as a boilermaker with my parents' business Wimton Engineering.

Looking back it was probably the best decision I could have made getting a trade because it has stood me in good stead with every future work decision I ever made.

While I was doing my apprenticeship I was always going up and down the coast diving and loved it so much that I went and did my commercial diving ticket.

I remember going out diving on weekends and making nearly two weeks wages for the work which as an apprentice was pretty good.

Once I finished my trade I took it up full time and soon secured a gig working on tuna farms in Croatia for nearly two years and Malta after that.

What an experience, living and working in such beautiful countries for an extended period as a young bloke was amazing!

I took up spearfishing and free diving there just so I could land myself some of the huge northern bluefin tuna and wow, when I got my first one, what a rush!

One time I dropped something over the side of the boat and spent a couple days diving looking to recover it. When I eventually found it I ended up having a fight with an octopus at 30 metres just to reclaim my property, it was a battle I won and I ended up with dinner thrown in.

When I came back home I continued tuna farming and diving for a few more years before changing direction, engineering and skippering boats.

This led me to working in the North-West engineering offshore vessels for just on 10 years.

It was a job that I absolutely loved, the only downside was all of the time away from home.

Unfortunately I had a marriage breakdown while in this job and spent years in the family court, this was probably the worst experience I (and anyone) can ever have.

Thankfully I came out on the other side of it with a good outcome that many people do not get.

These days I am the primary parent to my beautiful wife Sarah's and my children, four of them, this is the hardest job that I have ever done!

I am happy to be home with my family every day, able to have a home life, participating in the CFS and sports again, my favourite being distance running. I still love working at sea, but my priorities have shifted.

I am studying and am about a year off of finishing a university degree to become a tech studies teacher, a job I feel happy with and one where I can pass on my knowledge and life experiences.

I am looking forward to finishing and applying what I have learnt. That is the beauty of a job and life, it is always evolving, not set and we can always change our life and career direction.