Port Lincoln conservationist Brinkley Davies joins top influencers at GoPro Creator Summit

Port Lincoln resident, surfer and wildlife conservationist Brinkley Davies joined 40 of the world's top "influencers" at the GoPro Creator Summit in Broome earlier this month.

Recognised as one of the best global content creators in the world, Ms Davies was one of only nine Australians invited to the summit, which gave travel photographers, vloggers, adventure athletes and celebrity entertainers from 18 countries the chance to capture four days of Australian adventure in the Kimberley region and share it with their millions of followers.

Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan said social media was one of the most powerful tools in influencing peoples' travel decisions and more than 250 photos and videos from the summit would be shared straight into the feeds of tens of millions of followers.

Ms Davies, who is a Tourism Australia Friends of Australia ambassador, said it felt "pretty crazy" to be recognised around the world.

"I've always been so focused on my path that I didn't realise we are getting recognised as global content creators, until these events, it's pretty cool."

The content Ms Davies creates is mainly ocean-based - free-diving, boat trips, interactions with marine wildlife or land-based wildlife, educational content around environmental conservation and surfing.

Ms Davies described the summit as "epic", giving her an opportunity to capture footage of helicopter rides, snorkeling, plane flights over the Horizontal Falls and underwater rock running.

One of Brinkley Davies' photos from the GoPro Creator Summit in Broome WA. Photo: @brinkleydavies

One of Brinkley Davies' photos from the GoPro Creator Summit in Broome WA. Photo: @brinkleydavies

"We did everything from helicopter rides, to jet skiing, to hover crafting, editing workshops, social media workshops.

"There was definitely healthy competition for awards during the time as well.

"Sleep is never a priority on these trips.

"These summits are always one of the most inspiring weeks you have, being surrounded by people chasing their dreams, goals, working around the clock, and always up for adventure is extremely motivating."