Port Lincoln Show changes embraced

The annual Port Lincoln Show was held on Sunday with locals flocking to the event to try out the food, fun and activities on show.

Port Lincoln Show committee members are pleased with the outcome of this year's show after making changes and focusing on families and affordability.

Committee member Cath Blake said numbers were "definitely" up from the previous year, and the decision to make changes had paid off.

About two and a half thousand people attended the event on Sunday.

She said people "embraced" the changes, especially with the new concept of the children's activity passes.

"The numbers were definitely up on last year...that tells you perhaps the concept of no show rides was embraced by people," Ms Blake said.

She said the activity passes for the day worked smoothly and meant there was not huge expenses for families.

Ms Blake said while there had been some negative feedback about the absence of show rides, the committee had mostly received positive feedback from showgoers.

She said the committee would love for more people to volunteer for future shows as they needed "a good boost of enthusiasm".

Vice president Peter Hughes said some entries were also up in numbers, and that food vendors had sold out, with the money going straight back into local businesses.

"The feeling was nice and relaxed and easy going on the day," he said.



Swiss roll, jam filled not cut ends Christine Starkey

Banana cake - baked in log tin - chocolate icing Christine Starkey

Chocolate cake - baked in log tin - iced Gay Karger

Carrot - baked in log tin - iced (recipe supplied) Christine Starkey

Packet cake of your choice - iced or uniced Gay Karger

Sultana cake 20cm square - uniced Christine Starkey

Dark fruit cake 20 cm square - uniced Christine Starkey

Light fruit cake 20 cm - uniced Christine Starkey

4 sausage rolls, 8cm Darryl Karger

4 small pasties Darryl Karger

Fruit and Nut Loaf in a cylindrical tin Christine Starkey

3 sweet muffins no paper cases Julie Symonds

3 savoury muffins no paper cases Christine Starkey

CWA - 5 sweet scones 5cm diameter See pg 25 Peter Hughes

5 Pumpkin scones 5cm diameter (own recipte) Christine Starkey

5 plain scones 5 cm diameter Christine Starkey

2 white loaves - bread home baked and joined Karl-Heinz Eichrodt

Jubilee loaf - iced Gay Karger

Men's Chocolate Cake Comp Hunter Gray


3 Honey Crackles Mia Schlink

5 Chocolate Chip Cookies Jessica DiPinto

Chocolate cake log, iced Charlee Watt

Vegetable cake, iced Jessica DiPinto

6 Small home made confectionary Jessica DiPinto


Wedding Cake (1 or 2 Tier) fit within 40cm board Christine Starkey

Novelty Cake to fit within 40cm board Wendy McDonald

Sugar Flowers to fit within 30cm square Wendy McDonald

Birthday Cake to fit within 30cm board Estelle Gray

4 Cup Cakes iced and decorated on plate Estelle Gray

4 Decorated Biscuits (Can be store bought) Estelle Gray


Most Decorative Kite (Youth) Finnlay Fraser


1 Rose Peter Hughes

6 Sweet Peas John Post

1 Sweet Pea John Post

1 Carnation John Post

3 Geranium John Post

1 Geranium John Post

1 Pelargonium Pam Morrison

1 Iris Pam Morrison

1 Lily Peter Hughes

1 Gerbera Annette Harder

3 Daffodils Peter Hughes

1 Daffodil Karen Milnes

3 Pansies, distinct Peter Hughes

1 Pansy Pam Morrison

3 Pansies, common variety Darryl Karger

1 Anemone John Post

1 Cut not listed Pam Morrison

Any bulbous, tuberous, rhizome, corm not listed Port Lincoln Prison Garden

1 Poppy Marlene Anderson

1 Freesia Pam Morrison

3 Freesias Pam Morrison

3 Ranunculus-distinct John Post

1 Camelia - pink/red Marlene Anderson

6 Varieties distinct Marlene Anderson

3 Daisies, 3 different colours Annette Harder

1 Cut shrub Peter Hughes

3 Australian natives, distinct Heather Paynter

1 Australian native Annette Harder


1 Rose Amiyah Parthenis

1 Carnation Amiyah Parthenis

1 Geranium Ari-Jae Weetra

1 Cut flower Amiyah Parthenis

1 Australian native Amiyah Parthenis

1 Pansy Ari-Jae Weetra

1 Snapdragon John Post


Poppies Marlene Anderson

Daisies 1 variety not more than 10 blooms Marlene Anderson

Daisies more than 1 variety not more than 10 bloom Lesley Easson

Flowers one variety, not mentioned, one colour Pam Morrison

Flowers, at least 3 varieties not mentioned Jennifer Clayfield

Flowers in mini vase not more than 15cm high Pam Morrison

Australian native flowers, any container Lesley Easson

Wedding flowers Marlene Anderson

As you like it Kye Langmead

Dinner table arrangement with candles Marlene Anderson

Arrangement of artificial flowers Pam Morrison

Arrangement using succulents Vicki Gould

Sea Life arrangement on tray Pam Morrison


Maiden hair fern Pam Morrison

Sword fern Kye Langmead

Any other fern Kye Langmead

Foliage plant, green or coloured Vicki Gould

Foliage plant, variegated Heather Paynter

Begonia, foliage type Vicki Gould

Cyclamen or other bulbous plant, in bloom Joan Lindpere

Cactus, one Pam Morrison

3 Cacti, distinct, presented on tray = 45x45 Pam Morrison

3 Pot plants, distinct on a tray, =45x45 Marlene Anderson

Any other pot plant in bloom Marlene Anderson

One succulent Nick Booth

3 Succulent, distinct, on tray Pam Morrison

Bromeliad Pam Morrison

Flowering potted pelergonium or geranium Vicki Gould

Container of flowering bulbs Kye Langmead

Three herbs in pot Vicki Gould

Ugliest plant and container Kye Langmead


Large Best red/pink Frank Johnson

Large Best pure colour Cherie Harvey

Large Best green/yellow Dave Easson

Large Best any other colour Dave Easson

Medium best red/pink Dave Easson

Medium best green/yellow Dave Easson

Medium best any other colour Jennifer Bates

Small best white/cream Cherie Harvey

Small best red/pink Cherie Harvey

Small best green/yellow Cherie Harvey

Small best any other colour Peter Hughes

Best Australian native epiphyte Frank Johnson

Best cattleya Peter Hughes

Best any other genera Cherie Harvey

Best Australian native terrestrial Dave Easson


Embroidery on card Rita Bascombe

One material toy or doll, embroidered Rita Bascombe

Article of counted thread Rita Bascombe

Framed article of counted thread Rita Bascombe

Embroidered wall hanging (not tapestry) Lisa Hawke

One coat hanger Gay Karger

3 distinct needlework (not listed) Rita Bascombe

Needlework article by person over 70 Rita Bascombe

Cutwork Article Jan Harvey

Embroidered article not listed Jane Carey

Any CWA needlework Rita Bascombe


Wall hanging, OPEN Ann Foy

Article hand applique Rita Bascombe

Patchwork article (not quilt) Thelma Parker


Shopping Bag, any medium Rita Bascombe

Collection 3 distinct crafts Rita Bascombe

Any hobby collection Rita Bascombe

Decorated towel Rita Bascombe

Free choice Gay Karger

One distinct CWA craft Rita Bascombe

Christmas decoration Rita Bascombe

Macrame article free choice Sarah Currie


Under 10

Raggy Quilt Estelle Gray

Cushion, any medium, hand decorated Estelle Gray

Wall hanging, must be able to hang Estelle Gray

Pin cushion Zahra Spry

Machine pieced quilt Estelle Gray

Machine sewn article Abigail Emeny Boden

Macrame article free choice Estelle Gray

Bag or Purse Huey Hood

Under 16

Handmade or machine made toy Georgia Phillips

Raggy Quilt Huey Hood

Cushion, any medium, hand decorated Trixie Symonds

Wall hanging, must be able to hang Phoebe Edmonds

Pin Cushion Trixie Symonds

Machine pieced quilty Zara Scott

Machine sewn article Georgia Phillips

Macrame article free choice Matilda Lockwood

Bag or Purse Matilda Lockwood

Any other article of craft work Matilda Lockwood


Crochet rug Mary Channon

Crochet or hand knitted article, person over 70 Thelma Parker

Crochet article not listed Thelma Parker

Tea cosy, any medium Jo Waters

Home spun garment Kaye Andresen

1 Home Spun Hank Kaye Andresen


Ale Ben Smith

Draught Greg vandenbroek

Stout Grant Eckermann

India Pale Ale Ben Smith


1 Lemon Butter Annette Harder

6 hen eggs, white or brown Sandy Sherrey

1 jar tomato relish Annette Harder

Collection chutney, 3 varieties, 1 jar each Annette Harder

Collection pickles, 3 varieties, 1 jar each Annette Harder

1 bottle tomato sauce Karen Milnes

1 bottle sauce, any other Annette Harder

3 distinct preserves Annette Harder

1 jar preserve, any variety Annette Harder

1 marmalade Annette Harder

1 berry jam Annette Harder

1 apricot jam Annette Harder

1 jam, any variety Annette Harder

3 distinct jams Annette Harder

1 of any other pickle Annette Harder


Garden produce, 6 varieties Annette Harder

One cabbage Pam Morrison

One cauliflower Annette Harder

One bunch silverbeet/spinach Pam Morrison

One bunch rhubarb Pam Morrison

One pumpkin Dave Berndt

Most unusual shape vegetable Dave Berndt

One butternut Annette Harder

Six oranges Annette Harder

Six lemons Gaile Bobrige

Any other fruit Pam Morrison

Any other fruit Pam Morrison

Any other vegetables Pam Morrison

Bunch Carrots Annette Harder

Bunch Radishes Annette Harder


People - any portrait, group, wedding, child study Nichole Graham

Any living creature-animal,plant,fish,insect,etc Nichole Graham

OPEN any subject Nichole Graham

Happy photo Karen Miels

Landscape/seascape/Mining Karen Miels

Rural-any farming activity including fish farming Sarah Currie

Black or white (any subject) Nichole Graham

Creative/Experimental Nichole Graham

Sunset, sunrise or cloud formation Stephanie Hood

Weather event - rainbows, storms, lightning Karen Miels


Floral Zara Williams

Fauna Zara Williams

Open (under 16) Geordy Wynne

Black & white print (any subject) Zara Williams

Creative/Experimental Zara Williams

Show Scene from any agricultural show Deb Fraser


Poem - open adult Thelma Parker


Design a picture using noodles, spaghetti or seeds Finnlay Fraser

Two decorated eggs Finnlay Fraser

Mask Finnlay Fraser

Decorated Paper Plate Finnlay Fraser

Play Dough Model Finnlay Fraser

Drawing any medium Lily Freeman

Painting Finnlay Fraser

Collage Finnlay Fraser

Any other craft Finnlay Fraser

Three dimensional model/Diorama Indigo Hood

Mask Noah Connolly

Lego display on solid base, no kits Noah Connolly

Drawing any medium Abi Ferrett

Painting Ari-Jae Weetra

Any other craft Lily Freeman

Lego display on solid base, no kits Sasha Ralph

Computer Design Jadyn Howe

Drawing any medium Hannah Hentsel-Gage

Painting Max Picken

Collage Sky Sora Keane

Any other craft Sky Sora Keane


Any Other Hobby Jennifer Clayfield


School challenge Poonindie Early Childhood Centre


Black & white drawing, any medium Amber Earl

Black & white portrait, pencil Sarah Currie

Oil or Acrylic painting - abstract Peter Hughes

Oil or Acrylic painting - landscape Sarah Currie

Oil or acrylic painting - any subject Maureen Baillie

Water colour Painting Orial Radford

Animal, bird flowers painting - any medium Peter Hughes

Computer art Lain Montgomerie


Painting, any medium Sam Booth

Black and white drwing, any medium Sarah Gibson

Painting, any medium Ella Fewster

Computer Art Sarah Gibson


Facinator Orial Radford

Plant in a Boot or Shoe Kye Langmead


Carneau R. Mardon

King C. Mullan

Showpen Homen L. Hinchey

Fantail S. Starke

Jacobin C. Starke

Modena Gazzi T. Matthews

Modena Gazzi Young S. Drewitt

Modena Schiette C. Mullan

Modena Schiette Young C. Mullan

Magpie K. Mardon

Carrier C. Mullan

Dragoon T. Matthews

Pigmy Pouter T. Fergusson

African Owl C. Mullan

Tumbler S. Drewitt

Nun M. Lanyon

Saddleback T. Ferguson

Swallow M. Lanyon

AOV B. Gosling

Junior L. Starke

BIRD OF SHOW - Jacobin C. Starke

RESERVE BIRD OF SHOW - Tumbler S. Drewitt



Champion Heavy Male - Orpinton Mullan & Sons

Champion Heavy Female - Australorp Hugo Wilson

Champion Light Breed - Leghorn Mullan & Sons

Champion Hard Feathered Bantam Male - OEG Mullan & Sons

Champion Hard Feathered Bantam Female - Old

English M & D Lanyon

Champion Soft Feathered Bantam Male - Wyndotte Mullan & Sons

Champion Soft Feathered Batam Female - Australorp Mullan & Sons

Champion Large Game - Male Mullan & Sons

Champion Large Game - Female Mullan & Sons

Champion Water Fowl - Male M & D Lanyon

Champion Water Fowl - Female M & D Lanyon

Champion Breeding Pair - Australorp Hugo Wilson




40cm Encourage Showjump

Double Clear Rounds

Barney Shadya Kerley

60cm Showjump

1st Essence & Restraint Angie McGeever

2nd Oxley Taylah Haire

3rd Champ Issabella Blackshaw

Junior 75cm Showjump

1st EP Vertigo Taylah Haire

2nd Oxley Taylah Haire

Senior 75cm Showjump

1st Voodoo Black Magic Hayley Dorward

2nd Essence & Restraint Angie McGeever

3rd Mojo Karen Milnes

90cm Showjump

1st Lunar Rhythm Brooke Spencer

2nd Fleetwood Road Robyne May

3rd EP Vertigo Taylah Haire

1.00cm Showjump

1st EP Vertigo Taylah Haire

2nd Sonic Quest Robyne May

3rd Lunar Rhythm Brooke Spencer

1.05m Showjump

1st Charlie Spirit Hayley Dorward

2nd Sonic Quest Robyne May

3rd Lunar Rhythm Brooke Spencer

1.10m Showjump

1st Legalos Andrew Mills

2nd Charlie Spirit Hayley Dorward

3rd River Wizz Andrew Mills

1.15m Showjump

1st Charlie Spirit Hayley Dorward

2nd Legalos Andrew Mills

3rd River Wizz Andrew Mills