Work begins on silo project

ARTIST: Austin 'Nitsua' Moncrieff begins work on the Cowell silos.
ARTIST: Austin 'Nitsua' Moncrieff begins work on the Cowell silos.

The Cowell silos are set to be transformed in the coming weeks, with artists Austin 'Nitsua' Moncrieff and Michael Motteram-Smith beginning work on Thursday morning.

The project is the culmination of a major campaign by the Franklin Harbour Community Development Group, which has hosted events, sought donations and applied for grants to get the project off the ground.

Mr Moncrieff, a Byron Bay artist, visited Cowell several years ago with his partner and was immediately struck by the town silos.

"When I came here it was the first thing I noticed," he said.

"I said wow, it'd be cool to paint that.

"It sort of just evolved from there with a lot of hard work."

Mr Moncrieff incorporates both realism and surrealism into his street art and mural, and he said he enjoyed working with the scale of a project like silo art.

"Going bigger in general has always been a goal of mine," he said.

He said he had done some research on silo art when coming up with the concept for the Cowell silos, and he was hoping to make his work stand out.

"I wanted to do something a bit different," he said.

Mr Moncrieff said he would be surprising the community with what the eventual project will look like, but he had taken on the ideas locals had shared with him during the planning stages.

He said he planned to make the silos "striking from a distance," as the first silo art in the area to be visible from the main highway leading into town and he would be using colour to do that.

"What we see in our daily spectrum, I'm going for the opposite of that," he said.

He said the style of the work would be "realism within my subject, surrealism with the colour spectrum,"

The artists have set aside three weeks to complete the project to allow for any setbacks.

While the silo site will be closed to the public, interested community members can view the progress from the Cowell Football Club car park.

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