Marble Range step up

A GRADE: Boyd West takes a mark for Marble Range, who are now in with a chance at the premiership.

A GRADE: Boyd West takes a mark for Marble Range, who are now in with a chance at the premiership.

Port Lincoln football


A grade: Marble Range 6-14 (50) def Wayback 3-10 (28)

IN a low scoring affair, Marble Range suddenly became premiership contenders after an indifferent year.

Rangers defeated Wayback in a game that reached no great heights but had pressure on all players from the opening bounce.

Wayback won the toss and kicked with a three to four-goal wind.

Marble Range included West, Parker and Smith in their line-up and all three had an influence in the result.

Parker, injury free for quite a while, gave the Rangers another option up forward, as Hunt for Wayback and Keeley for the Rangers were having a good duel.

For Wayback, the two Maxfields and Tom Easson were prominent early.

The score at quarter time indicated the state of the game with only one goal to Wayback after kicking a number of points and wasting the quarter with the wind. Wayback 1-5 to Marble Range 0-1.

The second quarter saw Marble Range do exactly as Wayback did in the first with some wayward kicking for goal.

For the Rangers, Jennings, Sampson and Appleby were getting the ball forward and with Parker, Beard and Keeley marking well the Rangers would have been further in front had it not been for Jake Rowe, Montgomerie and Manning.

Isaac Grima was getting plenty of the ball but his disposal was letting him down badly.

James Blewit was working his way into the game but with the pressure applied by both sides it was hard for either to get any run going. Marble Range led at half time 3-8 to 1-5.

With the wind slowly dying out it was puzzling as to how both sides kept missing the goals.

Beard for the Rangers was running loose in their back lines and seemed to be the only one able to read the ball, repeatedly repelling the Wayback attacks. He was also getting plenty of support from Zac Calderwood and Glen Schreiber.

James Blewit kicked his and Wayback's second goal and when Blaze Kay kicked the Rangers' fourth goal they had a handy two-goal lead going into the last quarter; 4-10 to 2-10.

The last quarter was a real slog as the pressure of the game started the show.

Shaun Maxfield was still trying his heart out for the Demons and goaled into the breeze to bring the gap back to one goal but Rangers' Sampson and Jennings kept pushing the ball forward and when Billy Byass kicked a goal after a great piece of roving the Rangers got a break again and ran out winners 6-14 to Wayback's 3-10.

Best for Rangers were Kory Beard, whether up forward or down back, Jennings, Sampson and Appleby, along with Calderwood and Schreiber, both rebounding well in the Rangers' back line.

For Wayback, Shaun Maxfield - who must be one of the Mail Medal favourites - was superb, Tim Manning was good, as were Blewit, Montgomerie, Rowe and Grima.

It will be interesting to see whether the Rangers can now settle down and be consistent, something they certainly have not been this year.

B grade: Lincoln South 4-10 (34) def Marble Range 4-4 (28)

The Eagles' six-point win was earned the hard way with many mistakes and turnovers, going from leading by 15 points at the first break to trailing by five points at the long break before coming back for the win.

Both teams delivered in the second half with pressure all over the ground.

Tough, hard, relentless running and confusion reigned but it became an exciting game with strong body-on-body clashes, with no beg your pardons.

The third quarter was end-to-end footy with both clubs hitting their forward 50 five times.

It was the Eagles who came out best, kicking one goal but importantly five points, and had the Rangers working overtime to hold up the Eagles and find targets in the midfield.

They say the third quarter is the premiership quarter but with another 20 minutes plus time on, both clubs turned up the heat in the fourth quarter.

All over the ground the commitment to win the ball lifted every minute and both clubs' back lines responded with only one goal and one point kicked at each end.

The Eagles ran out winners by one goal in a great game of commitment and courage, as knock out finals should be.

Also known as the eliminator, this game lived up to that, and congratulations to both clubs on a classic effort.

Under 17: Marble Range 4-15 (39) def Tasman 5-7 (37)

In the most thrilling match of the day Marble Range won in extra time after scores were tied at the end of the four quarters.

Marble Range looked like they had blown their chance after kicking seven points with a strong northerly in the first quarter but kept attacking, including a goal into the wind, over the next three quarters.

Tasman could not find a way to score regularly despite at times looking dominant around the ground as the Marble Range defence held up well, and midfielders got back at every opportunity.

With scores tied at the end of the four quarters, both sides had five minutes at each end and it was Marble Range who made the most of limited opportunities to win the game.

The centre line contest was intriguing, with some of the region's best under 17s up against each other. Josh and Thomas Bradford were in good form for the Rangers, as was Gil Casanova, even more so when he dropped back in defence, Price Marshall was another solid contributor and Max Bartlett in the ruck and around the ground performed well.

Billy Haebich for Tasman was best on ground for his work in the midfield and defence - he got back at any opportunity and took a number telling marks. Toby Wright, Cooper Perham and Max Coote all stood tall for the Roosters, but with the loss of a couple of players before the game, and Toby Casanova to concussion in the game, they were simply outdone by a better side on the day.

Under 15: Marble Range 5-11 (41) def Boston 4-5 (29)

This is the game that escaped the Boston Tigers' clutches after they led by three points at the last break.

With the scoreboard reading Marble Range 3-8 (26) to the Tigers 4-5 (29) going into the fourth quarter, it was anybody's game.

With a varying wind advantage to the car park end, the match came down to which team used it best and the Rangers did best, kicking two goals with the wind in the final quarter and keeping Boston scoreless in a take no prisoners approach.

After leading by 12 points at the first break, the Tigers worked hard playing catch up footy but in the second half Rangers kicked three goals to the Tigers' one.

The Rangers' back half and run through the midfield had the Tigers' back half under extreme pressure and they did well to keep the Rangers down to five goals.

One could say the Rangers' goal kickers made the most of their opportunities while, after kicking three goals in the first quarter, the Boston Tigers could not finish off their opportunities.

For the Rangers, in a close game, Archer Pertzel's two goals became a very important factor. The Rangers clearances from stoppages also played a big part in their 12-point win.

For the Tigers, the goal kickers Oliver Seller, Bodi Fauser, Jake Saviour and Luke Ellis, with a goal each, kept their team in the game.

UNDER 13: Lincoln South's Tom Puddy pressures Marble Range's Janik Quirk in the under 13 semi final at the weekend.

UNDER 13: Lincoln South's Tom Puddy pressures Marble Range's Janik Quirk in the under 13 semi final at the weekend.

Under 13: Marble Range 2-7 (19) def Lincoln South 1-3 (9)

Congratulations to both clubs' coaches Shannon Brown and Simon Giddings for Marble Range and Lincoln South's Kyran Cocks and assistant Allan Scott.

Congratulations also to all the players who played with total commitment and courage in a game with only three goals kicked, indicating how much all players gave their best to win the hard ball and apply plenty of effort in tackling.

The first half was competitive all around Centenary Oval and the end result of no goals kicked was not surprising.

With a mighty battle in the midfield to get the ball forward and both back halves on top, the scoreboard favoured the Rangers, who kicked five points to the Eagles' one point.

The wind started to lift from a one to two-goal advantage in the first half to four and the battle to win the ground ball increased.

The Rangers' Fletch Beard and Dylan Morgan stood out, kicking a goal each, and the Eagles continued to work hard with their run and chase to get the ball forward.

With their one and only point kicked in the second quarter, the Eagles trailed by 18 points at three-quarter time with the Rangers having kicked 2-7 (19).

The wind towards the car park end was lifting and the Eagles also lifted to get more of the ball going forward and kick their first goal and only goal through captain Jaylen Cocks.

The Rangers now wait to see who they will play in the preliminary final.

There was a lot to enjoy about this game as young players took on the game and congratulations to all who serve and coach our future players.

Good luck to all teams in the future, you play a very important role in our game of football.