A role to play in climate change

A role to play in climate change

The Port Lincoln City Council is the first of the region's councils to declare a climate emergency.

The declaration - made by more than 30 councils around Australia so far - is a commitment by local councils to implement changes in their region to urgently act on global warming or to lobby higher levels of government to act.

One of the aims of the declaration is for the federal government to act on policy changes and funding for a rapid mobilisation to address the climate issue nation-wide.

Each council's declaration is different but some are aiming for zero emissions through renewable energy, awareness, education, energy-efficient street lights/infrastructure and waste minimisation.

Apart from sending a message that urgent action is required by all levels of government, including local government, the Port Lincoln City Council's motion commits to take that action via a carbon management plan, as reported on page 5 of today's Port Lincoln Times.

While it might not be in the council's usual realm of responsibility to look at ways to mitigate climate change, maybe it should be.

There are actions the council can take as an organisation to lessen its impact on the climate and there are also ways the community can help out so it makes sense to set targets, however small they might be.

This decision could also be considered as a way to acknowledge the work the council is already doing in this area.

Changing street lights to LED globes is just one example.

The motion puts the framework in place but it will be interesting to see how future councils go about building on what has now been established.

Hopefully it will lead to good outcomes for the council, ratepayers and of course the environment.