Learning program celebrates a decade of support

A program supporting Lower Eyre Peninsula families to help their children achieve the best possible outcomes is celebrating 10 years this year.

Learning Together @ Home is a home visiting program that supports families to develop skills, which in turn support their children's learning and development through play.

Although the program has been operating within the Port Lincoln community for a number of years, it has only been known as Learning Together @ Home for 10 years.

Based at the Kirton Point Children's Centre, the program works closely with other family support services.

"Kirton Point Children's Centre offers a broad range of programs to support all families," fieldworker Hayley Anderson said.

"By offering a more collaborative service, families can get better, more coordinated support."

Ms Anderson said the program could support families all over Lower Eyre Peninsula with children who may have additional needs or families who found it difficult to get to services or other programs as they were geographically isolated.

Learning Together @ Home uses play to promote stronger relationships between parents and their children which, in turn, encourages better educational and developmental outcomes.

Ms Anderson visits families in their own home and supports them to learn more about their children's needs and what support may be available to meet those needs.

A celebration is planned for Wednesday, September 18 from 11am to 12.30pm at the Kirton Point Children's Centre. Morning tea will be provided with a celebratory cake to share.

All families who have used the service are invited to join in the celebrations. Contact Hayley Anderson on 0437 736 556 or 8682 5969 to RSVP by Friday, September 13.