Dominant Tumby earn win

Great Flinders netball


A grade: Tumby Bay def United Yeelanna 40-25

TUMBY started strongly, leading three zip before Lacey Murnane opened the Eagles' account.

The Yeelanna goalies were under immense pressure, causing inaccuracy and Sarah Southern and Somma Cave rebounded well.

Cassie Norton and Desi Franks were having a good battle but Franks' accuracy was a stand out. Tumby Bay led at the first break 17-12.

Both teams were inaccurate early in the second due to strong defensive pressure.

Karlee Dunn passed a long bomb into Franks who finished beautifully to extend their lead.

Yeelanna's Lacey Murnane found her range and Tumby's goalies movement decreased as Norton and Tegan Modra blocked space.

Tumby dominated, increasing their lead to be up by 10 at half time.

Yeelanna had the first pass of the third, but it was rebounded by Tumby, who scored the first two of the quarter through Stratford.

Play was scrappy and defenders were rebounding well but goalies could not capitalise. Franks finally converted with Stratford scoring off the next pass to get the lead to 12.

Watson took a beautiful intercept for the Eagles and was rewarded by Murnane with a goal.

Tumby increased the lead at the last break to 31-18.

Yeelanna again had the pass but Curtis caused a turnover and Franks scored.

Norton took a lovely intercept and Murnane finished at the other end. Tumby defenders Southern and Cave were causing some headaches for Yeelanna while Franks and Stratford shot accurately. Murnane was also shooting with great accuracy under immense pressure.

Curtis continued to dominate and with her team put an end to Yeelanna's season.

Best: Tumby: Stacey Curtis; United Yeelanna: Tegan Modra.

A reserves: Ramblers def United Yeelanna 39-36

There was some fumbly nerves to start with and it was back and forth for a while but Ramblers managed four unanswered goals.

Heather Norton fought for rebounds and eventually helped her team get their first. Lucy Pedler and Sophie Blacker worked hard for the Magpies but Norton took another great intercept and with help from Carlyn Pearson Yeelanna scored again.

Ramblers were dominating but Bri Modra read the patient Ramblers' play for an intercept that allowed Eagles to get their third quickly.

It was goal for goal in the last few minutes but Ramblers kept a six-goal lead.

No changes for either team in the second and Eagles scored the first two.

Helen Sommerville was working hard through centre court for Eagles and feeding strongly. With Dahlitz and Fitzgerald out of play Georgia Wooley was able to get in for a clear goal for Eagles.

The turnovers were going both ways with Fitzgerald and Pearson going back and forth for their respective sides before Yeelanna scored and Ramblers responded.

Ali Ward was left loose as Norton and Modra double-teamed Mickan.

The Ramblers defenders were putting on plenty of defensive pressure and Mickan scored again.

Yeelanna started to play more like their usual game, but were unable to get another goal before the break to be down 21-14.

Play improved for Yeelanna and Norton drew a held ball call but messy play meant it was back and forth until Ward finally scored.

Sandy Hall was feeding well to Wooley and it was goal for goal. Modra managed another turnover but Dahlitz turned it right back for a swish goal to Ramblers.

Yeelanna were only down 27-24 at the last break.

Britt Glover went on into goals for Yeelanna and scored the first two.

The intensity of the game lifted, and the teams were scoring off the opposition's centre passes. Yeelanna managed to even the game with four minutes left but Ramblers stepped up and took out the game by three.

Best: Ramblers: Sophie Blacker; United Yeelanna: Carlyn Pearson.