Lock win through to B grade grand final

Great Flinders netball


B grade: Lock def Tumby Bay 31-26

TUMBY had the first pass but Lock scored and followed quickly with another.

Goal defence Emily Arbon picked off a good pass into the Tumby goalies and Hayley Wiseman converted.

Latesha Jefferson shot a well-earned goal as it pinballed round the ring, followed by an easier one from Mel Cave.

Tumby goal keeper Brooke Neindorf stepped into an easy intercept but Lock's defenders made it hard work for Mel Cave to convert.

Defence at both ends were getting fingertips to a lot of balls. Lock goalies struggled to get any rebounds and Tumby sent the ball back down for Jefferson and Cave to score.

The ball went back and forth as Lock finally converted and the score was even at the first break.

Neindorf got an early intercept and the ball went back and forth until Jefferson eventually converted despite the long arms of Kristen Zacher.

There was strong pressure down the court by Ella Rodda. It was a physical, evenly-matched game in the Lock goal circle.

Sarah Smith had two intercepts in a row being in the front spot but Tumby could not convert and it got sent straight back to Bowey who scored.

Another intercept by Neindorf was sent down but could not be converted as Emily Arbon grabbed the rebounds.

Lock stepped up another level as Tumby looked shell-shocked. Scores at half time were 19 to 12 with Tumby having a lot of work to do.

Tumby made changes and while Lock scored the first goal, some tight pressure from Jefferson and Rodda to defend the Lock centre pass allowed the Blues to get one back.

Another brilliant pass from Jefferson into Cave became another goal and a wayward ball was snatched by goal defence Rebecca Burford, getting it back to Cave, who had her eye in.

Lock goalies could not get front position and Lock looked panicked. Some quick passes moved the ball smoothly down to Tumby's end. Wiseman had another miss as Mel Cave converted for the Blues. It was back and forth as goals were scored and intercepts were taken.

Lock scored a quick goal as the timer went but the Blues won the quarter and were only down by three at the last break. Lock brought on fresh legs and the ball bounced end to end with neither team treasuring possession.

Wiseman went down early with a knee injury and Mikala Baines came on in goals. Bowey recovered with a goal for her team.

A few minutes later Bowey also took a tumble and had to come off when hold time was called. This caused a bit of panic in the Lock camp as they scrambled to fill the gaps.

Lock turned to super short passes to get around the ever-present Tumby defence and Tumby forced a held ball.

Tumby missed some shots again but Lock converted despite some great defence.

Tumby tried to peg back the goals but it was too late.