Marble Range group celebrates SACWA 90th

BIRTHDAY: State president Roslyn Schumann, Dawne Cooper, Jennifer Kay.

BIRTHDAY: State president Roslyn Schumann, Dawne Cooper, Jennifer Kay.

The Marble Range Country Women's Association Group gathered in the Cummins Anglican Hall for the group's annual meeting.

Remarks and reports reflected a successful year, with all branches entering Table Day at Elliston and supporting other group trading tables, schools and meetings.

Guest, state president Roslyn Schumann, talked about state matters including reducing the use of plastics, the support the association has received from many large businesses enabling much needed donations to families affected by dry conditions.

There have been celebrations for the SACWA 90th birthday, a successful Autumn Fair and the launch of the 90th rose with the 'An apple a day' recipe book, combined with other functions held around the state.

Marble Range members have been invited to attend workshops conducted by Shirley Frawley and Margaret Hampel at Lock and Arno Bay on September 16 and 17 September.

Gladys Hall thanked Mrs Schumann for her interesting and informative talk.

The election of officers for the coming year was held,

Officers were all re-elected including president Julie Heath, secretary Dianne Watson, arts officer Gladys Hall and joint handicraft officers Vicki Hull and Ronda Glover.

Roslyn Schumann lighting candles on 90th SACWA cake.

Roslyn Schumann lighting candles on 90th SACWA cake.

The 90th birthday was celebrated with a sponge cake decorated with cream and strawberries by Dianne Watson.

Mrs Schumann lit the nine candles, each representing 10 years of SACWA. Dawne Cooper fanned them out and Jennifer Kay cut the cake.

These two ladies joined CWA in their teens and have enjoyed more than 60 years of membership.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the Cummins members before the afternoon meeting, when Vicki Hull read the schedule for the 2020 Table Day, with the theme 'A day on the green', to be held on May 7, 2020, hosted by the Karkoo branch.

A trading table will be held on March, 20, 2020, in front of Cummins IGA.

Ronda Glover thanked the Cummins members for their hospitality and scrumptious lunch to close a great day of CWA friendship.