Roberts and Fulton team victors in foursomes

Tumby Bay Golf

TWELVE players made up six teams in the men's foursomes trophy, this year played to handicap rather than off the stick.

Winners of the coveted trophy was the Ned Roberts and Ian Fulton combination with an 89/65.5 although by all accounts Roberts had to carry the team as Fulton's putter let him down.

In all seriousness, it takes two to play reasonable golf to win this event and that is exactly what this pairing produced.

Peter Swaffer and Peter Sharland were runners-up with 85/70 and the Andrew Solly, David Dunn duo got the extra ball with 95/71.

It was Dunn's first game for the year and he became a financial member just to be in this competition, so was visibly disappointed at his non-podium finish.

Good to see Greg Wilton back after an injury caused a long absence from the game.

Paul 'Hobbles' Mitchell made his comeback tour on this day also but suffered an injury on the first hole.

Turning sharply, he ran into his buggy, debarking his leg. Stitches were not required and he struggled on for the rest of the 18. He drove hole 13, despite the nasty injury, and his partner, Wilton, duly dispatched the putt.

Butler Builders longest drive went to Peter Couper on the first with a mammoth effort (thanks to the wind); Andrew Higgins also got a long drive on the 14th, also a lengthy effort; Higgins also won the Trezise Sons nearest the pin (NTP) on the fourth; and Peter Sharland won the Bawdens Rural Supplies NTP on the sixth.

Shot of the day had to be Darrell Stratford's effort from behind a tree, where his only option was to bend it like Beckham and surprisingly it came off.

Dunn also smoked one from under a tree in the rough to put it on the scrape but his partner, Andrew Solly, choked on the putt.

There were mere inches between life and death as Higgins smoked a three iron but it hit a tree flush from 10 yards and whistled, at a rate of knots, past Couper's rather large bonce.

A special mention for Suzanne Cave and Nicole Challenger, who both achieved five chip-in's last Thursday in the ladies golf day.

Next week is the final round of the Harry's Painting Trophy, which is a stableford event. The ladies also play their final round of the stableford trophy today.