Port Lincoln hosts regional expo for special education

Educators from across the Eyre Peninsula will gather in Port Lincoln on Friday to gain an insight into special education with a expo hosted by Port Lincoln Special School.

The Inclusive Education Expo will take place at the school with about 80 people attending, which will include school leaders, teachers, support staff and service providers from the local community.

Among the attendees will be representatives from schools and preschools from across Port Lincoln, Central Eyre Peninsula and the Far West regions.

Port Lincoln Department of Education Office special educator Pam Roach is an organiser of the expo and said there was a demand for an expo to take place after one was held three years ago.

"We held one in 2016 and it's been asked 'could we please replicate it again' because of how successful it was," she said.

The expo will include presenters from Adelaide as well as local teachers and support staff to discuss a wide range of topics involving special education such as practical classroom strategies and supporting learners with additional needs.

One of the presenters, Kilparrin support teacher Sarah Hains said this would provide a good opportunity to share her knowledge and build connections with country educators.

Mrs Roach said it was always important for educators to receive such important information.

"It can be difficult for educators in rural locations to access professional development so an expo like this meets a wide range of needs," she said.

Port Lincoln Special School acting principal Matt Syme said the school was happy to host the expo and to provide a pupil free day.

"For country staff who are enthusiastic and passionate on education for children on the West Coast it's important to have experts in the field come and visit us to provide input and insight on what's happening in the major cities," he said.

"We have enthusiastic staff on the West Coast who are keen to provide best practice teaching strategies for our students and the opportunity to come together...is a high impact strategy for the development of staff across the region."