Mail Medal a big surprise for Peckers' Amos

Mallee Park's Casey Amos received a pleasant surprise on Wednesday night, learning he had won the 2019 Port Lincoln Football League Mail Medal.

Players from all six Port Lincoln clubs gathered at the Port Lincoln Hotel on Wednesday night for the Mail Medal count to award the best A grade player in 2019.

Mallee Park's Derick Wanganeen led for most of the night, after the first five rounds he was on eight votes, two ahead of Tasman's Delehay Miller and Rhyce Beinke as well as Marble Range's Kory Beard who was ineligible.

After 10 rounds Amos had climbed into the top five with 10 votes, behind Wayback's Shaun Maxfield on 11, Beard on 12 and leaders Wanganeen and Miller on 14.

However a strong end to the season saw Amos poll another eight votes, including two best on ground performances to claim the medal, one vote ahead of runners up Wanganeen and Wayback's Thomas Easson who also enjoyed a late surge in votes.

Amos was not able to attend the event as he is doing a spray painting apprenticeship with the Motor Trades Association of South Australia in Adelaide.

He said he was informed of the win by his partner and did not believe it at first, but it was confirmed after seeing several messages of congratulations on his phone.

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Amos said it was a big surprise and although honoured it was unexpected.

"I thought I would get maybe two or three votes in a couple games," he said.

"I just like playing footy and let people decide if I'm good or not."

Amos becomes the 13th Mallee Park player to win a Mail Medal and the win is the 15th overall for the club.

Five of the last six Mail Medals had been won by Peckers as Amos joins the ranks of recent winners Kynan Betts (2014), Peter Lindsay (2017) and Kingsley Bilney Jnr (2015, 2018).

Peckers coach Wes Bilney, who won Mail Medals in 2006 and 2007, said Amos definitely had a great year and had showed "electrifying" speed on the field.

"I think he's one of those sort of players that knuckle down and try to get the job done," he said.

Mallee Park will be back in action this Saturday in the preliminary final against Marble Range at Centenary for a chance to play in the grand final against reigning premiers Tasman.

Amos said sharing in premiership glory with his Mallee Park teammates would be a great bonus.

It was a great night for Mallee Park with Tyler Roderick winning the Earl Family Trophy as reserves best and fairest with 10 votes, one ahead of runner up Chris Puckridge of Marble Range.

Mail Medal club totals

Boston - 22 votes

1. William Woldt (7)

2. Mitchell Hall (4)

3. Sanjesh Singh (3)

3. Mitchell Garrett (3)

5. Brodie Falciani (2)

6. Otis Carter (2)

7. Simon Bates (1)

Lincoln South - 26 votes

1. Luke Wilkins (8)

2. Hayden Carey (4)

2. Paul White (4)

4. Paul Stelzer (3)

5. Ben Shillabeer (2)

5. Brodie Drewitt (2)

7. Matthew Stelzer (1)

7. Levi McDonald (1)

7. James Neale (1)

Mallee Park - 57 votes

1. Casey Amos (18)

2. Derick Wanganeen (17)

3. Kingsley Bilney Jnr * (4)

3. David Murray (4)

5. Ali Johncock (3)

5. Quade Ware * (3)

7. Kingsley Ware (2)

7. Waylon Miller (2)

7. Darryl Dudley * (2)

10. Tyler Roderick (1)

10. Waylon Johncock (1)

Marble Range - 44 votes

1. Kory Beard * (17)

2. Lance Appleby (9)

3. Lachlan Jennings (4)

3. Tynan Keeley (4)

5. Cody Pilgrim (3)

6. Joseph Burgoyne (2)

6. Glen Schreiber (2)

6. Blaze Kay (2)

9. Wade Hansen (1)

Tasman - 73 votes

1. Delehay Miller (15)

2. Cody Mason (12)

2. Rhyce Beinke (12)

4. Johann Wagner (9)

5. Brent Harris (7)

6. Tyson Jenner (4)

6. Kody Rosalia (4)

6. Jacob Collins (4)

9. Rhys Kelsh (3)

9. Brodie White (3)

Wayback - 48 votes

1. Thomas Easson (17)

2. Shaun Maxfield (14)

3. Josh Scharenberg (4)

3. James Blewit (4)

3. Shaun Lever (4)

6. Ben Sampson (3)

7. Isaac Grima (2)