Grant funding to tackle suicide

Two local community groups have been awarded a South Australian Suicide Prevention Community Grant for planned initiatives to tackle the problem.

IN SAFE HANDS: Karli Slater and Fergus Burns with the 'In Safe Hands' project poster.

IN SAFE HANDS: Karli Slater and Fergus Burns with the 'In Safe Hands' project poster.

Mentally Fit EP are planning to film EP locals sharing their stories of hope and recovery for their next big social media campaign.

Empowering Lower Eyre Suicide Prevention Network have received a $7000 grant for their project 'In Safe Hands'.

The project aims to provide country kids who are moving to the city for work, college, or university with kits to help with the move.

It aims to prepare young people to tackle the challenges of living away from home, such as transport, finding employment, budgeting, health, and finding sporting or interest groups.

Emma Gale of Empowering Lower Eyre said they wanted school students to help design what they want in kits.

"We want to include things that are useful, like a first aid kit and educational content like health and nutrition," she said.

"But we also want to include the social and emotional stuff.

"Country kids love the ocean, including stuff like the five best beaches or the best camp spots around the city.

"We want to encourage them to continue to reach out to their community, which is Cummins...even though they are away we still care."

She said while the funding will not be available in time for the 2019 school leavers, she hopes to get some useful data from them as well as the 2020 Year 12 students.

"Ideally we'd like this to be a trial, if we see improvements in social and emotional health, and if the kit was useful."

"The data (from Cummins) would be reflective of the whole Eyre Peninsula to be honest, it's a big deal to head off to the city...but the kits can help them find a way to feel connected to their new environment."

Please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit if you need support.