Eagles shut down Ramblers to win Great Flinders grand final

A GRADE PREMIERS: United Yeelanna took out the Great Flinders Football premiership on Saturday. Pictured are: back: Norm Martin, Josh Hancock, Aaron Lawrie, Brock Jolly, Zac Glover, Michael Crettenden, Kieran Hall, Daniel Havelberg, Jason Ridley, Riley Doolan, Mitchell Jolly, Ben Carr, Corey Murnane (coach), Front: Bryce Breed, Jaxen Norton, Matt Dyer, Xavier Watson, Casey Carr, Adam Murnane, Stephen Crettenden, Brayden Martin, Aaron Watson, Matthew Crettenden, Ricky Skinner.
A GRADE PREMIERS: United Yeelanna took out the Great Flinders Football premiership on Saturday. Pictured are: back: Norm Martin, Josh Hancock, Aaron Lawrie, Brock Jolly, Zac Glover, Michael Crettenden, Kieran Hall, Daniel Havelberg, Jason Ridley, Riley Doolan, Mitchell Jolly, Ben Carr, Corey Murnane (coach), Front: Bryce Breed, Jaxen Norton, Matt Dyer, Xavier Watson, Casey Carr, Adam Murnane, Stephen Crettenden, Brayden Martin, Aaron Watson, Matthew Crettenden, Ricky Skinner.

Great Flinders football

A grade: United Yeelanna 16-11 (107) def Ramblers 7-3 (45)

MINOR premiers, the undefeated Yeelanna team took on Ramblers in the Great Flinders 2019 football grand final on a warm afternoon before a record crowd at Cummins on Saturday.

Yeelanna were keen to prove they were the best going around and Ramblers, who got there the hard way, were just as keen to provide another upset win, as they have been the only club to interrupt a long run of Eagles' premierships.

With Ramblers having first use of a slight breeze it was set up to be a cracking start.

It was tough and hard early with both defences under the pump.

Aaron Lawrie was solid at fullback for Yeelanna taking two telling marks to set up his runners, Matt Dyer and Brock Jolly.

Ramblers' defence, led by Tysan Mickan and Logan Dennis, were trying their best to hold off the repeated Yeelanna attacks and finally Daniel Havelberg marked and kicked truly twice to give the Eagles some momentum.

James Richardson goaled late for Ramblers after a good mark to see them down by a goal at the first break.

With the breeze picking up and the signs looking ominous for Ramblers it was Yeelanna who steadied and started to hit the scoreboard.

Aaron Watson was having an impact early as he set up his brother Xavier who goaled on the run from 40 after getting through some heavy traffic.

Stephen Crettenden also goaled from the arc after a strong pack mark.

If it was not for the efforts of Rob Shirley, Scott Blacker and Mitch Dennis for Ramblers the lead would have been more than the 28 points at the long break.

The game looked like getting out of control after a few tough encounters and a skirmish that saw two players cool their heels for 10 minutes on the bench.

The Yeelanna boys took up were they left off in the third by continuing to goal at will.

Michael Crettenden and Aaron Watson goaled and when Daniel Havelberg used his strength and accuracy to perfection to goal twice the lead started to blow out.

Yeelanna had too many options to goal with Hall, Breed and Martin all contributing.

James Pedler was presenting well for Ramblers and goaled. James Richardson and Tom Crettenden also goaled after good marks to see the Rambler boys down by 40 points at the last break.

With pride on the line, Ramblers needed a lift but as Yeelanna have done so well for the last few seasons they shut the game down and played it on their own terms while adding a lazy six majors for the quarter.

Breed, Havelberg, Casey Carr, Michael and Stephen Crettenden all goaled and the game was done at the midway point of the last.

Late goals to James Pedler, Wade Starke and James Richardson saw the final margin at 62 points.

Yeelanna continued their hardness at the ball and body led by Matt Crettenden, Ricky Skinner and the Jolly boys across half back.

Yeelanna had a solid contribution from all 22 players and deserved the win, led by best on ground Xavier Watson, who was well supported by Matt Dyer, Aaron Watson, Havelberg with seven goals and Mitch Jolly.

Ramblers battled hard but did not have the class to go with the Eagles.

Tysan Mickan, Scott Blacker and Rob Shirley were Ramblers' best and Mail Medalist Jack Haarsma was a solid contributor all day.

With a large crowd enjoying the afternoon of football, the Yeelanna supporters certainly enjoyed seeing the Rambler club having their colours lowered at the end in their centenary year with a much deserved win, to prove once again they are one of the best country football teams going around.

B grade: United Yeelanna 10-9 (69) def Tumby Bay 6-15 (51)

United Yeelanna won the B grade grand final in a tight arm wrestle that could have gone either way.

The tightest game for the day, it was United Yeelanna's ability to keep running in the heat in the final quarter that delivered them an 18-point win over Tumby Bay.

In true dour B grade footy, it took seven minutes for the first goal with Tumby Bay's Brett Anesbury providing run through the centre, kicking to Adam Brown for the first major.

Yeelanna responded immediately to find Liam Gerber free 40 metres out to score.

This set the tone for the first three quarters, each side giving as good as they got.

Tumby Bay were attacking and working hard, with goals to Gardner and Letton but Yeelanna responded with a late goal to Sam Hancock.

Tumby Bay played the better footy for the quarter but only went in to the break with a nine-point lead.

Tumby Bay started with early attacking in the second quarter but failed to take their opportunities with Yeelanna rebounding with a goal to Hancock.

Yeelanna were defending well and eventually forced the ball forward for a crumbing goal, again from Hancock, who then went on to kick his third for the quarter in purple patch.

Late in the quarter Tumby's Brown responded with a goal. They had missed a lot of opportunities in the quarter with poor kicking but still managed to lead by two points at half time.

The third quarter continued with the game going goal-for-goal, neither side taking the advantage with missed chances.

Hancock eventually slotted one from 40 metres for Yeelanna but Tumby responded with a goal to Brown. Both sides looked to be tiring.

The game was in the balance when Yeelanna hit the front for the first time just before the siren through Haylock to give them a four-point break at three-quarter time.

Yeelanna's Liam Gerber kicked the opening goal of the final quarter and from then on their runners Dufek, Coombes and Howie controlled the game.

Phillips followed up with a long sweeping kick from the boundary for a goal.

Tumby Bay could not get the ball into their forward 50 and once the momentum swung it was hard for them to win it back.

Yeelanna's fitness and run seemed to give them a second wind in the heat, which was a definite advantage.

Hancock put through his sixth and it seemed as if Yeelanna may have done enough to win.

Tumby Bay had more scoring chances over the four quarters but inaccuracy at goal cost them. They gained a final goal by Jack McDonald but it was too late.

Yeelanna had been the best side all season and deserved the win. Tumby pushed them but could not sustain the pressure for long enough when it counted.

Yeelanna were best served by Phillips, a six-goal bag from Hancock and Dufek.

Bugeja, Flemming and Franklin worked hard for Tumby.

Colts: Rambers 18-7 (115) def Tumby Bay 8-8 (56)

Ramblers and Tumby battled it out in the heat in front of a building crowd.

Tumby started well with an early goal to the running machine, Charlie Richardson.

Ramblers hit back with two from Lachlan Treloar and Harvey Pedler.

Joe May and Mace Mickan's strength and pace were hurting Tumby around the ground.

Brodie Higgins was rebounding well for Tumby.

Ramblers led by four goals at the first break.

The second quarter saw the start of the Ethan Langley master class at full forward for Ramblers.

Going into the game under an injury cloud he proceeded to bag eight goals in the next 60 minutes.

Harvey Pedler and Ethan Parsons ensured the ball spent plenty of time up forward for Ramblers.

Reef Pople and Thomas Allen kept Tumby in the game with goals.

Ramblers had a handy 22-point lead at the long break.

Ramblers had a match-winning third quarter with goals to Harvey Pedler and Ethan Langley.

Toby Modra continued to rack up the possessions, and Darcy Claughton, Will Blacker and Jack Crettenden were solid across half back.

Charlie Richardson again was Tumby's best and was supported by Kye Butler and Nick Cave.

Ramblers took a match-winning lead of 59 points into the last quarter.

With the heat taking its toll, the sting was going out of the game as Ramblers had done enough.

Charlie Richardson was a shining light for the Blues, goaling early, but the Rambler boys continued the scoreboard pressure with a goals to Rohan Treloar and Langley.

Lachlan Treloar and Ethan Parsons were the tall marking options for Ramblers and took some great grabs to give the running players plenty of the ball.

At the final siren Ramblers were victors by 53 points in a tough game in the heat for both teams.

Best for Ramblers were Harvey Pedler, Ethan Langley and Ethan Parsons. Tumby Bay's best were Charlie Richardson, who was outstanding, Thomas Allen and Reef Pople.

Mini colts: Tumby Bay 2-5 (17) def Cougars 1-0 (6)

With a big crowd arriving early for the first minis grand final for many years, punters were expecting an easy Tumby Bay victory, however Cougars took it right up to the undefeated Blues.

Leroy Richardson kicked a good ball into Rylan Jefferson, who made no mistake to have Tumby in front at quarter time, with Mitch Blacker and Bradley Phelps having great starts for Cougars.

Tumby had a slight breeze in the second quarter but Cougars were defending well, with Majoor Ackland, Zephyr Thomson and Lochie Hazelgrove coming into the game.

For Tumby, Liam Carr, Tyree Burgoyne and Henry Challinger were getting things moving and they finally goaled right on the half time siren through a good snap from Ned Prosser.

Neither team scored in the third quarter. Archer Hill, Phelps and Blacker were doing well for Cougars. For Tumby, young pocket rocket Max Pucci was getting vital touches, along with Alby McDonald and Harry Lebrun mopping up in defence.

Cougars had the aid of a slight breeze in the last quarter and when Mitch Blacker goaled and celebrated with gusto, Cougars were back in the game.

However, Tumby held firm for the last five minutes and went on to win a well-deserved premiership by 11 points, in a great game for the spectators.

Congratulations to coach Paul Jefferson and winner of the best on ground medal Henry Challinger.

A big well done to the umpires who ensured the game was played in the right spirit. They have done a fantastic job through the entire finals series.

The introduction of finals for minis was a great success this season and has been a highlight of the Great Flinders finals.