Tumby Bay win seesawing grand final

Tumby Bay win seesawing grand final

Great Flinders netball

D grade: Tumby Bay def Cougars 48-27

COUGARS were first on the board after the ball travelled up and down and the turnovers continued as stepping and held balls crept in and teams scored from their opponents' centre passes.

Tumby pulled away to a three-goal lead as Cougars made mid-court mistakes.

Cougars settled, offering front drives, and scored through Phelps but Tumby led 12-6 at the first break.

Both teams made changes and Tumby were quick to score through Lawrie who had found her range.

Cougars' Halle Phelps sank the next two.

Play seesawed through the mid court with mistakes and intercepts, including one by Cougars' Holly Gale, resulting in a goal. Gale created opportunities for goalies Bree Shepperd and Phelps who closed the margin to five.

Tumby were scoring off Cougars' mistakes to build their lead but Cougars' mini run got them within seven at half time.

At the start of the third Tumby scored through Trenberth and an offside call saw them score again.

A rebound by Burns gave Cougars another chance and Shepperd finished off with a goal. A beautiful Trenberth backline drive on the base saw Tumby score four in a row after a flying Trezise intercept.

Shooter Shepperd was making the most opportunities but Cougars found it hard to find space in their goal third. Tumby Bay were up at the last break 37-21.

Both teams made changes and the ball travelled back and forth before Tumby scored. Tumby pushed their lead out to 20 with four minutes to go and they celebrated at the last whistle. Best on court: Sarah Lawrie.

E grade: United Yeelanna def Tumby Bay 32-18

United Yeelanna started with a quick goal and worked hard around the ring.

Tumby's defence was tight but the goalies were shooting well. Esther Pedemonte intercepted a long bomb, helping Tumby get their first goal.

Yeelanna defenders Georgia Robinson and Alinta Dingwall made Tumby's goalies work hard.

Mistakes saw the ball go end to end without scoring.

Yeelanna finally converted and great defence, including a great intercept by Dingwall, gave the Eagles the lead at the break, 11-3.

Goal attack Maisie Curtis shot a great goal from distance to get Tumby Bay on the board but lots of simple mistakes kept the game scoreless for some time.

Another fantastic goal from Maisie followed by positive moves on the court saw the Blues get three in a row.

Dingwall and Robinson were still working hard and helped their team keep a seven-goal lead at the big break.

Centre players Paige Dillon (Tumby) and Mylee Haylock (Yeelanna) continued their drive down court, helping take plenty of intercepts.

Tumby brought the score line back to five but Yeelanna stepped up again with Modra and Jessica Crosby contributing to their eight-goal lead at the last break.

Both teams were quick to score but Yeelanna's intercepts and leading into space ultimately gave them the win. Best on court: Riley Modra.