Business as usual will harm our planet

What is a crime? Who are the worst criminals?

There are various definitions of "crime". Among others are "a grave offence especially against morality" and "an act harmful not only to some individual but also to a community, society or the state".

Damaging the future prospects of the world's children by clinging onto fossil fuels when there are sustainable alternatives surely should be considered a crime under these definitions.

This is what our federal government is doing and they have been called out by hundreds of thousands of Australia's school kids.

Climate change is happening, is caused by humanity and can still be limited.

If 'business as usual' continues huge harm will be done to the planet's weather and biological systems.

The environment has long been thought by many to be just the concern of radical 'greenies', but with the changes that we are seeing (too numerous for me to list in this letter) it surely must become the concern of us all.

Those in government, parliament, the rich and powerful in the fossil fuel industries and media, and their lackeys, who lie to keep the greenhouse emissions flowing, are the worst criminals of all, if we are to judge them by the harm they are doing.



Focus on real matters

Starting in July 2017, the eligibility of members of the Parliament of Australia to be elected was questioned.

Referred to as a "constitutional crisis", 15 sitting politicians were ruled ineligible by the High Court of Australia (sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns) or resigned pre-emptively.

This distraction from occupying their minds, thoughts and time with issues which actually concerned Australians: unemployment, health, education, youth suicide, aged care, regional matters, infrastructure and budget reparation to name a few, resulted in our parliamentarians devoting an inordinate amount of time, and money, to resolve a technical issue of little significance to the vast majority of everyday citizens.

Following the May 2019 election it seemed that our parliament had redeemed themselves, it was functioning appropriately and good governance was occurring.

Important legislation was debated and enacted after relatively civil proceedings and at times bi-partisan support.

But wait, time and effort is now being spent debating, no arguing, over newly elected member Gladys Liu's, real or imagined, links with the Chinese government.

Conflict of interest rules and regulations, imposed by our parliaments, ensure that elected members cannot make personal gains from their positions or provide any advantages to those individuals and organisations which they may have links with.

All individuals, elected or non elected, have links with a myriad of individuals and organisations and it is healthy to do so.

It would appear that many of our politicians are putting this 'no link' obsession into practice by severing links with their constituents.




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Web words

There was mixed response to news Flight Training Adelaide will start relocating planes from Port Lincoln Airport from October 25.

Bad luck about all the lost jobs.


Such a shame, massive missed opportunity!


Such a shame. Not just lost money for the airport and council but for local businesses.


I am sure some people were counting on this industry to get employment, we all know that this is a pity for those people, but believe me this is not the sort of industry that we want. Let's all put our heads together & come up with some other options that are more suitable to this beautiful place we call home.


Typical, listening to the minority again, Lincoln and districts will never prosper with this type of thinking.


Well done once again people of Port Lincoln. Another thing gone for the up coming generation.


Brilliant. Best news so far this year.


Once again the squeaky wheel is oiled, another economic opportunity spoiled - some things never change.