They have to clean up the mess we leave

Over the last few weeks there have been three letters to the paper about climate change and students having a day off to protest about the lack of action.

I have been waiting for a student or teacher to reply challenging these letters. None have so I am going to reply.

The truth is that we have polluted our planet to the stage that if we keep on the same course there will be a very poor future for these children that you are saying should not complain because we are destroying their future.

Up until now it has not been our fault because we were ignorant of what was happening.

Now we know, so anything we do from here is our responsibility and if we do nothing we must be judged by our future owners of this world, the youth, that we were selfish and only looking after our immediate future for selfish reasons, eg it might cost us a few dollars.

It is not going to be us who are long in the tooth that are going to have to fix the mess.

We will be dead and long gone.

No, it will be the very students that you do not want to complain.

The last five years have been the hottest on record globally and that's a fact.

The very things that are needed to fix climate change are the very things that are going to have to change if we as humans want a world that we as older people grew up in but is disappearing at a huge rate.

For example, stopping pollution of the atmosphere, ocean and land, and the disappearance of millions of species.

If we attack these problems then we have some future, otherwise our future as humans enjoying a near pristine world, which we inherited, is bleak.

The very fact that students are willing to protest gives me some hope for the future and we must support them.


Port Lincoln

Save climate action for the weekend

As chairman of the Australian Maritime and Fishing Academy for some 23 continuous years, providing training for thousands of young Australians, I pride myself in being able to hold a conversation about fundamental educational outcomes, so necessary for an increasingly sophisticated maritime sector.

It is unfortunately a fact of life that many of our young adults wanting to join industry lack appropriate education fundamentals our trainers and employers are looking for.

The basics are just missing. When questioned, some of our aspirants' standard answer always is "we didn't learn that".

What an indictment.

The latest fiasco and nonsense from climate activists, organising students to go out on strike, skip school and demand actions on climate change - where is our discipline in our schools when kids can go on strike when ever it pleases them?

What a joke! If it wasn't so serious.

I have no problem for kids to demand actions, as long as it is on weekends and doesn't interfere with their education outcomes.

However, watching hysterical young girls and boys in tears, telling us the world is doomed and coming to an end is crazy stuff to say the least.

Principals, teachers, education departments have much to answer for in years ahead for distorting the minds of our kids with such garbage.

Reading, writing and arithmetic should be the order of the day as should be respect for law and order, our country, flag and the general community.

Don't confuse the minds of our young with rubbish and left leaning doctrines.

Even the village idiot knows that some of the claims by climate activists can't be substantiated scientifically.


Australian Fishing and Maritime Academy chairman

Flat Earth phenomenon

For centuries ancient cultures assumed the Earth was flat.

To this day there are those who, despite evidence, accept that theory.

In the 1800s there were the Luddites who believed the mechanical age would spell the end of all workers and opposed the change-over to machines.

Today, we have those that do not accept the climate is becoming more inconsistent.

They fail to take into account the increasing number of extreme weather episodes happening across the globe.

In the past we had droughts and floods but now the frequency and magnitude of these occurrences is becoming more evident.

Those who are still unconvinced, just keep watching your telly to see the weather-based disaster.




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