Port Neill primary students' painted rocks spread kind words worldwide

Port Neill Primary School's kind words painted on rocks and pebbles have spread far and wide, with two locals taking them on their trip across Europe to spread positive messages.

Students painted rocks as part of the town's wellbeing event held earlier this month.

Pastoral Care Worker Alison Speirs said they wrote hashtags on the back to see how far they spread.

Peter and Debbie Prime found out about the school's project through their daughter who works there.

"I never had the idea that maybe we could distribute some," said Mrs Prime.

"(Our daughter) Erin jokingly suggested we pack some in our bags - I thought it was a great idea."

Mrs Prime said originally she thought of just taking one but when she saw how "cheerful" they looked she took four.

I think the rocks at the very least will make whoever sees them smile.

Debbie Prime

"Since leaving them at several places and feeling great while doing it I now wish I had brought more," she said.

"The first one we left on the outside The Roman Forum in Rome...the remains of this ancient government centre of Rome seemed an appropriate place."

The second one was left in Monterosso, one of the five villages along the coast of Cinque Terre in Italy.

"While we were on Mount Tamaro (Switzerland) at 1530 metres reached by cable car we left another.

"As I passed where I had left it a few minutes later the rock was gone, so I hope it had passed on some pleasure onto someone."

Mrs Prime said they had one rock left to leave but were not sure where yet.

"I think the rocks at the very least will make whoever sees them smile," she said.

The journey of the kindness rocks can be followed through the Port Neill Primary School Facebook page.

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