Protesting students should be admired

STRIKE: Students and community members at the recent climate strike in Port Lincoln.
STRIKE: Students and community members at the recent climate strike in Port Lincoln.

Congratulations to all of the local students who demonstrated on Friday, September 20 on behalf of their future and the future of the planet.

If car horns can be used as a measuring stick you certainly have a lot of supporters in our community.

It is heartening to see that young, thinking and caring people are prepared to step out of their comfort zone to express their concern for the way in which our political masters are treating the issue of global warming - the most serious problem that has ever confronted mankind.

Young people have every right to demand action to try and limit the impending disastrous impacts for it is them and their children that will carry the burden of our short-sighted selfishness.

To those students who did not protest I would strongly urge you to reconsider your position.

I now regret that when I was your age I was too self centred, lazy, apathetic and hoodwinked by the conservative establishment propaganda to stand up against the most important issues of the time. Namely the Vietnam War debacle and the evil apartheid regime in South Africa.

Ironically, the protesters in that era who were vilified as drop outs and long-haired socialist good-for-nothings who should be studying instead, turned out to be correct.

We owe it to their courage, concern and foresight that eventually the rest of us saw the truth.

Overwhelming public opinion then forced the reluctant conservative politicians of the time to change.

Congratulations also on your discipline and demeanor on that day.

My contemporaries were far more aggressive and feral in their protests, which didn't always help their cause.

I have the feeling that this current movement now has an unstoppable worldwide momentum and it is important that our small community shows its support even if it is 30 years too late.

You can be truly proud of your involvement.

Keep it up and I encourage others to support you in future demonstrations.


Port Lincoln

Financial policy changes needed

I was surprised to read of merger talks between two football associations, Eastern Eyre and Great Flinders.

Perhaps if some people looked at the root cause of the problem a suitable outcome could evolve.

Years ago the farm debt was in the millions, now it is about $60 trillion.

Taxation was minimal.

High interest rates in the '80s and '90s lead to the destruction of family farms right across Australia.

The rising cost of living is impacting on big numbers of people even in cities.

Australia had about 290,000 farmers in the 1960s.

About half have been forced to leave agriculture.

No farmers means no footballers or netballers to keep social life going.

What is needed is a reversal of financial policies as explained above.


Port Lincoln


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