Finding a work-life balance

I was born in the country that is often described as the 'Pearl of the Orient', Hong Kong. Unlike Port Lincoln, Hong Kong is full of skyscrapers and is a fast-paced city. As I have always grown up with dogs and cats, I have always wanted to work with animals since I was little.

Studying in Hong Kong was very busy with lots of schoolwork, it got even more stressful when I moved to high school. Luckily I have always had sports to balance my student life, I loved running and was in the school's track and field team.

I was very dedicated to sports and often started my training session before school lessons. My proudest moment in high school was winning the overall champion for my grade in the annual sports day.

After high school, I decided to move to Adelaide to study as a veterinarian. In 2014, I started my journey in Veterinary Bioscience at Adelaide University.

It was a very interesting experience as I got to know more about different types of animal husbandry - including farm animals like alpacas et cetera which I never came across.

After one semester, I took a gap year to consider if I would like to be a veterinarian for the rest of my life. That was when I slowly learned more about dentistry through being a part time dental assistant.

In 2015 I decided to become an oral health therapist through Adelaide University. I have grown a strong passion in dentistry and it is really rewarding to treat and be able to build a positive relationship with my patients.

Two years later, I met my partner Abhayjit Dhillon through dental friends. He is a dentist and has been working between Bordertown and Keith for two years.

After being together for one year, we extended our family with two puppies - Ani (a shih tzu and border collie cross) and Rufus (brown labrador). We both love them very much and really enjoy taking them for long walks and training them different tricks.

In 2018, we were required to go on a two month rural placement at Whyalla Oral Health Care as part of the program. That was my first experience around the Eyre Peninsula, and included fun activities like cuttlefish diving and going to Iron Knob and I absolutely enjoyed it.

In 2019, I landed my first job at Maven Dental Port Lincoln. I was very excited about working back in the Eyre Peninsula to start my career. Everyone at work was really welcoming and friendly so it made the transition a lot easier.

I feel that Port Lincoln is a very warm community and it's got so much to offer.

Coming from a busy metropolitan city, I find rural life highly enjoyable as it is a lot quieter and there is a strong connection within the community.

With a simpler lifestyle, I got to try new things and explore other hobbies - knitting my first scarf, oil painting and video editing et cetera.

Over the weekends when I am not flying back to Adelaide to visit my partner, I would volunteer at the local RSPCA in the morning and then try to catch up with friends. With my adventurous nature, I have joined the Leisure Centre to stay active and I am always open to new activities in town.

I feel that Port Lincoln is a very warm community and it's got so much to offer. It is a perfect place for me to start my full-time career while pursuing work-life balance.

I really treasure my time here and my supportive workmates have definitely made Port Lincoln a place I would like to call home.