Holman new life member

Long standing, loyal club member Jimmy Secker opened the Cummins Bowling Club season on Friday, October 4.

President Ross Mickan welcomed 24 members to the green and wished them success and good fellowship for the coming season.

The current club champions Karen Lynch and Joe Blacker were invited to roll the first jack and deliver the first bowl for the season, which was followed by a spider event with donations going to the Cummins Hospital.

John 'Bushy' Hill as always prepared his "B" green to perfection had it running very smoothly at 12 seconds.

This is one of the very few grass greens left in Southern Eyre Peninsula and bowlers enjoy the trueness and smoothness of the green.

Two games of eight ends of fours were played under perfect conditions on a 27 degree, overcast spring day followed by a beer or two and a shared meal.

During the evening president Mickan presented Ian Holman with a well-deserved life membership.

Holman started his bowling career in 1999 and quickly become a valued club member, holding positions on the facility, management board, green, social, and selector committees.

He would spend many hours each week at the club mowing, maintaining the building's surrounds, cooking and cleaning.

Holman has impacted positively on many aspects of the club is a very worthy recipient.

The club has also recognised the contribution of Robert Wedd who is retiring after 19 years as club secretary.

He took over as secretary from John 'Noddy' Clarke for the 1997/98 season when the Cummins Bowling Club worked under a single management committee.

He was also in office when the constitution was changed and the club operated under two separate facilities, continuing as secretary of the management board.

As board secretary Wedd saw another change in 2018/19 when the Constitution changed to operate under a one gender club, with a management board once again controlling the club.

The new board secretary is Trish Clarke.