Long-term solutions are needed

Walk organiser Lisa Partridge.
Walk organiser Lisa Partridge.

This weekend's Walk Against Crime and Violence in Port Lincoln will give local community members a chance to stand together peacefully and call for action to ensure community safety.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about what should be done about recent antisocial behaviour, youth crime and violent incidents in the community, but as many people have commented already, social media comments will not change anything.

What it has done though, is highlight just how many people are passionate about what seems to be an escalating issue.

This is not a new issue for Port Lincoln but it does go in waves and the disturbance at a Liverpool Street restaurant on Saturday, which resulted in the arrest of four local youths, is part of a broader issue.

Walk organiser Lisa Partridge (pictured) is calling for more police presence in the community and yesterday police announced there would be increased foot patrols in and around Port Lincoln, particularly around the foreshore and shopping precinct.

However longer-term solutions are also needed and there is already work underway by a number of community groups and agencies.

Yesterday's meeting - initiated by Port Lincoln police - of community leaders, government agencies, support services and other key stakeholders provided an opportunity for these groups to build on this work and look at different ways to tackle the underlying causes of this sort of behaviour.

The community understandably wants solutions but unfortunately there is no quick fix. As West Coast Youth and Community Support chief executive officer Joanne Clark says in today's front page story, real change takes time.

Hopefully the growing concern in the community will be a driver for the things - like funding - needed to make that change happen.