Journey to a great 'unknown'

I have always had a love for sport from a very early age. I played netball and tennis from the age of five. This year since moving to Port Lincoln, I continued to play hockey at Seacliff Hockey Club.

My commitment was well worth the numerous car trips and plane rides as we won the Metro 1 Women competition. It was a moment I will never forget and tears ran down my face the moment the siren went.

I was always outdoors exploring and being adventurous when younger. I believe I was destined to live in a place like Port Lincoln. Since being here, I have spent many weekends exploring the beautiful coastline which I am always in awe of.

When transitioning from primary school to high school, my mum thought it best for me to attend Henley High School being a specialist sport school. This put me out of my comfort zone and out of disagreement, I went.

I will always thank my mum for doing this as this was definitely the right decision for me. Getting to play hockey twice a week as a lesson sounds pretty good right?

This school also led me to meet my current partner Nick Stockton at the age of 17, we eventually moved to Port Lincoln together earlier this year.

I have always been a driven person, and after going to a university open day, I decided to strive towards being an occupational therapist. After hard work and dedication in year 12 I achieved the score I needed. After the first weeks of the course, when I was 18, I suddenly lost my dad.

He was always so proud of me for getting into that course. Life for me changed after this. I decided to take the year off my studies and work.

My outlook on life has forever changed and I am always so grateful for the life I live.

I love appreciating the smaller things we take for granted and taking any opportunities.

I believe I was destined to live in a place like Port Lincoln.

Kelsey Benci

At the end of that year, my partner and I bought an around the world ticket and travelled. We started in Hong Kong, went all through Europe and finished off in USA where I met my mum and sister in New York for Christmas and New Year. Since then, I have gone overseas every year.

During my gap year, I became invested in the hockey club. I played and coached juniors and was always helping out when I could.

I co-coached an under 13 team with one of my close friends. I absolutely loved every moment. We had such a range of abilities from beginners to experienced players.

This was the point in my life where I realised I wanted to be a teacher. I knew it was for me. I coached for several years from then. It was from that moment I became passionate about this career and strived to be a teacher.

I decided all I ever wanted was my own classroom. I applied for a few jobs around the state and that's how I ended up in beautiful Port Lincoln.

I was super excited to tell everyone and make the journey across from Adelaide to a place where I did not know anyone or had ever been before.

My partner decided to move with me and has been an amazing support. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a teacher at Navigator College where I have met some incredible and supportive people.

I could not have asked for a better class, they are all unique and I have loved every minute working with them. It is extremely rewarding and inspiring teaching our future generation.