Youth crime issue has been ignored

Another round of high police presence on our streets, many tax paying citizens having a short period of their time wasted during roadside operations while a problem that is becoming more serious, that of youths breaking into houses and cars, vandalising property and assaulting people, is ignored.

This problem will not get better if our police continue ignoring it.

A town that desires tourism cannot have police that allow people to pass out drunk on main streets and children damaging property in broad daylight.

Time to do the job our taxes pay you for Lincoln police.

Shame on you for letting it get this bad.


Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln Times, October 15

Port Lincoln Times, October 15

Good idea done badly

The federal government ballot to measure community sentiment over plans for a radioactive waste facility near Kimba is a good idea that has been very badly done.

Clearly, affected local communities should have a say in decisions with direct impacts and hosting radioactive waste that lasts 10,000 years would certainly impact.

But to make an informed decision a community needs detailed and accurate information. This is missing at Kimba.

There is little or no detail on waste acceptance criteria, transport and handling procedures, or future plans for the most contaminating waste.

The community is effectively being asked to give a blanket approval to a concept, not measured consideration of a specific proposal.

The government wants to set up a purpose-built facility: national in scope, long-term in duration and intended to host Australia's most problematic radioactive waste. This problem was not created by the people of Kimba, nor is it their sole responsibility to solve.

The federal approach has been to shrink the space for a discussion around this waste and to turn a needed national debate into a local infrastructure opportunity and bidding war. This approach has been divisive, failed to consider other options and not provided people in the wider Eyre Peninsula or South Australia with a voice.


Australian Conservation Foundation

Agriculture more valuable to community

All small regional communities would enjoy extra federal government funding and jobs injected into our towns but not at the risk of existing local industries.

Yes we are having a drought this year but the money generated and jobs created in our town through the farming industry far exceeds any money that would come with hosting a nuclear waste dump and has withheld the test of time supporting our community for over 100 years.

The government assures our community that they will build a safe and secure facility that will not have any effect on our farming land.

However their own guidelines recommend that the facility not be built on land that is used for agriculture.

The waste to be stored at this 'facility' is extremely toxic and needs to kept shielded and secure for hundreds and for some of the waste thousands of years.

Would you feel secure with a nuclear waste 'facility' being built alongside your home, and would you trust that it will be fully staffed, safe, secure and well managed for hundreds of years?

Please consider helping us by writing a letter of opposition to minister Canavan so he can get a good understanding of sentiment across EP and SA.




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