'Come and try' sailing at Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay Yacht Club is holding its annual 'come and try' day this Sunday, October 20 starting at 9am on the Coffin Bay foreshore.

Curious kids, adults or whole families are encouraged to come down and bring a picnic and a rug, sit on the lawns (or in the club) and take their turn jumping in a boat.

Last year a huge number of young kids had a go in a sailing boat for the first time with one of our experienced instructors.

Recruitment of young sailors in recent years has been low, and as a result of losing some sailors last year numbers are lower than in the past.

But the club is equipped with boats and qualified sailing instructors ready to take on a new contingent of sailors.

Travel distance for sport commitments in the country is a real challenge for parents, so as the only competitive sport available in Coffin Bay for kids (and parents), sailing is a great option.

For those out of town - move than half the club's sailors commute from Port Lincoln, Cummins or Wangary.

It's also a family sport with regular teams throughout the years of fathers and daughters, mothers and sons or even siblings.

Sailing is a fantastic sport.

It's social, the training program means there is a very low bar to entry for new sailors, and it teaches great boating and water safety skills that are transferable to all other water sports.

Coffin Bay Yacht Club provides boats and experienced skippers to take out new and inexperienced sailors, as well as a sail training program that runs every Sunday morning throughout the season.

Once someone builds enough confidence on the water they are nurtured in to starting racing with a more senior sailor, skippering a boat themselves, or building a team with a friend or family member.

Sailing in a small bay like Coffins is safe and provides lots of excitement.

Boats, jetties, sand bars, islands and reefs make Coffin Bay a very tactical place to sail which does not rely purely on fine tuned sailing skills.

Getting the run of the tide at the right time can win a race.

The club held its season open day last Sunday, October 13 which was opened by Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council mayor Jo-Anne Quigley.

The customary 'sail past' of the Commodore took place at the end of the jetty before the first race of the season.