Tigers hold off Eagles

OUT: Squaws' Alana Jantke catches out Roadies' Tania Habner in their A grade game on Saturday.

OUT: Squaws' Alana Jantke catches out Roadies' Tania Habner in their A grade game on Saturday.

Port Lincoln and districts softball


Shields def Eagles 11-10

SHIELDS started off their first batting dig with a handy four runs, making the most of base on balls and Zoey Muller having a safe hit to left field.

Eagles replied eagerly and added five of their own with safe hits including a two-bagger from Koren Higgins.

Dannielle Miegel did some damage in the batter's box for Shields' second innings, getting two of her runners in with a well-placed two-base hit.

This helped Shields add another three to their tally before side away.

Koren Jenkins pitched well to strike out Karinda Weisz in this dig.

Eagles struggled in the batter's box in their second go, fly balls causing dramas for keen batters, and no run glory.

Shields scored three more in the third. Weisz placed a ball nicely to left field to help her runners get around.

Eagles were quiet again at their third attempt, with nothing getting past Shields' tight infield.

Eagles gave it back to Shields in the fourth however when they sent the Tigers back to the bench without a single run being added and added another two runs to their own tally with a superb three-base slam from Eliza Jacobs.

Miegel proved worthy again for Shields in the fifth and last innings with a safe tonk to left to bring in a solitary run.

Eagles fought back in their last attempt, bringing in three more runs with Eliza Jacobs enjoying the hitting stick again with a double but it was not enough to reach Shields' total.

Eagles' Eliza Jacobs was best at bat with three from three. Best in field was Koren Jenkins with four strikeouts for Eagles.

Squaws def Roadrunners 12-10

Roadrunners were first up and Tessa Rusden got off to a flying start with a double-bagger to centre field.

Milly Morton went one base more with a triple to bring in three runs.

Squaws retaliated with three of their own. Home run accolades to Alana Jantke and a double-bagger to Claire Norsworthy and Kimberley Simes were the highlights.

Roadrunners had zero luck in the second dig. Jantke pitched well to cause two fly balls to be caught and a strikeout.

Squaws were happy to add to their score in the second attempt. Claire Norsworthy had a three-bag ripper out to left, and Karen Hardy and Anna TeWano enjoyed double-base bangers helping to add four in this dig alone.

No run glory for either side in the third innings.

Safe hits from three batters in Roadies' fourth added one run.

Squaws' Claire Norsworthy had a big day out to gain another stand-up double to help her side bring three runners home in the fourth.

Roadies came out firing in the fifth innings with a Rusden triple-banger helping get six runners safely home.

Squaws were put back to the bench without getting anyone home as fly balls were gobbled up.

They rallied in the field however for Roadies' sixth dig. Jess Jolly was the only safe hitter to get a double before her side was put away without runs.

Squaws kept it together in their sixth attempt, getting three home with safe outfield hits.

Quinisha Skinn knocked a beauty out to left field to bring in the two runs Squaws needed.

Best at bat was Claire Norsworthy from Squaws with four from four.

BATTER UP: Lilly Mueller hits the ball for Shields in the B grade game against Eagles.

BATTER UP: Lilly Mueller hits the ball for Shields in the B grade game against Eagles.


Shields def Eagles 23-8

Shields dominated from the get go in this match, bringing home seven in their first innings. Melissa Balek's home run was a highlight.

Eagles had some shining light in their first go at bat too with Shenice Wells giving some tit for tat with her own home run to bring two runs in.

Shields replied with a whopping 10 runs in the second innings.

Heather 'Hez' Lawson banged out a ripper three-bag bazooka that made the crowd go wild.

Eagles were bamboozled in the batter's box in the second dig as Dannielle Miegel ripped up their line up with three strikeouts and no runs to be had.

In the third and last innings, Shields made the most of some pitching inaccuracies to get another six.

Eagles did not go down without a fight though, ending their game with their best batting dig to score six including a big home run bomb by Sarah Laube to assist with this.

Best at bat was from Eagles' Shenice Wells with two from two.

Roadrunners def Squaws 16-3

Milly Morton punched out a triple-base to bring in two runs for Roadies in their first dig and Squaws were sent back to the bench with no runs as the green and golds' field held tight.

Morton's second appearance at bat proved better than her first to lock and load a big home run.

Airlie O'Brien added to the spoils with a double-bagger to help add another two for Roadies while Squaws still could not find their batting groove.

In the third innings, Squaws' field work was impeccable to put Roadies to the side without runs but it was the same for Squaws, still unable to get runs, even though Livinia Kerley was trying her best with safe hitting.

Another home run for Morton in the fourth (she should seek a manager) helped bring three more runs in for Roadies.

Squaws finally got on the board in their fourth batting attempt as Suzanne Scanlon and Tianna Boyce hit safely.

Roadies ran riot in the fifth dig to get six across home plate, the highlight being Elisa Heath's triple-bagger bomb.

Roadies rallied in the field too to put away the Squaws girls without further ado in their last bat.

Best at bat was Milly Morton with four from four (including two home runs and a triple-bagger).


Shields def Eagles 16-6

Shields started with two runs to cross home plate, with a double base hit from Porscha Shepherd helping in this endeavor.

Eagles had a whopper of a first innings to get six runs in their run jar.

Shenice Wells proved her worth with a big home run hit to centre field.

Shields gained major oomph however to reply with seven of their own in the second innings. Lily Muller did her bit with a home run bomb.

Eagles were unable to reply as Shields' infield held steady to make the necessary outs without runs made.

In the third and last dig, Shields made the most of some pitching inaccuracies from Eagles to get the maximum seven runs home before time was called.

Best at bat was Jesse Sewer from Eagles with two safe hits from two.

Squaws def Roadrunners 9-4

Roadies started proceedings, with Kahsha Judge and Siann Cross enjoying safe outfield hits to bring three runners in.

Squaws got off to a smashing start in the batter's box as Jakoda Skinn and Tygh TeWano both got homerun accolades to bring in the maximum seven runs.

Roadies scored a solitary run in the second dig, as did Squaws thanks to a great double-bagger from Gemma Fowler.

Roadies were unable to score in the third but Squaws' Jakoda Skinn brought in a run off a double slam hit.

Roadies started a fourth dig but had not scored when time was called.

Best at bat from Squaws was Jakoda Skinn with two from two including a home run and a double bagger.