Kids brainstorm at Next Gen event

The inaugural Next Gen of Eyre forum for regional schoolchildren was held on Monday in Kimba and Port Lincoln on Tuesday, with children from all over the Lower Eyre Peninsula attending the conference at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club.

Organiser Sarah Powell of Champions Academy said there was a sense of "vibrancy" in the room with more than 100 students in attendance.

"We want to help them think and behave like problem solvers at the earliest possible age," she said.

Ms Powell said 10 councils across the Eyre Peninsula nominated three issues in their district for the children to brainstorm on and problem-solve.

"We also asked them 'what do you think the challenges are in your community?'," she said.

In groups students tackled challenges and games with their mentor, also teaming up with a previous Champions Academy graduate.

Student Kalea Siegert said the first session was about money.

"The first session was mainly about money and how money is just what you value," she said.

"We learnt about how putting money into the local economy is making your metaphorical pie bigger."

Ms Powell said she would be sharing the information collected across the two days with Eyre Peninsula community leaders to discuss the next steps in engaging with local youth.