Giving back after globe trotting journey

I was born in Littlehampton in the Adelaide hills in 1996, the youngest of seven children to Paul and Jane Kidney. I have very few memories of the Adelaide hills as within six months our family had packed up everything that we owned into two semi trailers (one for our things and the other for our animals) and moved to Warramboo.

After two and a bit years our family moved to Port Lincoln as my Dad had been asked to take over as the pastor at the CRC church in Port Lincoln (now Lighthouse Family Church) where he is still a pastor to this day. It was since Australia Day 2000 that my family has called Port Lincoln home.

My parents as well as pastoring have run Truelight Electrical for the past 28 years through what has been the ups and downs of business. I have grown up in Port Lincoln with a pretty normal childhood playing footy for Lincoln South, playing basketball for Wayback and attempting to play cricket (later giving up).

My Mum in the midst of everything else she did (running a business, helping pastor a church, raising seven children) managed to find time to home school all seven of us kids.

By the time we got to 2008 Mum felt it was time to send us to an actual school and I began year 6 at St Joseph's, I completed years 6 and 7 before switching schools to the newly opened Navigator College and continued my education right through to being part of its second graduating year 12 class.

After year 12 I began working for parent's business as a newly minted adult. I worked for Truelight over a period of nine months (over which I was fired four times by Mum).

In August 2015 I moved over to Redding, California to study at a Bible college run through Bethel Church as part of their nine-month ministry course.

I travelled to various places within California working with the church reach out to homeless people, students and individuals from all walks of life. I loved living in California and made some incredible friends from all over the world.

I moved back to Australia in May 2016 and in July 2016 I began a 12-month traineeship at the Bendigo Bank in Port Lincoln, where I still work to this day.

I have had the privilege of working with locals that care for the Port Lincoln community and understand the importance being community minded and consider myself fortunate to be able to learn from such a great team.

Since moving back from America I have been lucky enough to give back to the Port Lincoln and the greater community in various ways. In November 2016 I went to Uganda in East Africa on a mission/ministry trip where a team of eight of us went to train and equip community leaders in a district city called Mbale, we spent time with community leaders, families, orphans and even street performers with the aim of showing them that someone cares.

In Port Lincoln I helped establish and run Wave Yth, a local youth program run through Lighthouse Family Church that aims to help young people be the best they can be, and more recently in October last year became I part of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism as treasurer.

I have been learning along the way that life learning moments do not always come in epiphanies but usually happen over time without even realising. I turn 23 in November this year and am excited about the adventures ahead of me and all the things I have yet to learn.