Jetsetters fly home for big win

JETSETTERS: Angela Parks, Ellen Challinger and Jackie Chapman.
JETSETTERS: Angela Parks, Ellen Challinger and Jackie Chapman.


Ladies Tuesday bocce, October 29

IT was a long, tiring game between Seagulls and Scenic with Seagulls finishing first 16-12. Best players: Seagulls: Denise Laube; Scenic: Pam Piddington.

Jetsetters flew home with a good win against Red Tulips 16-12. Best players: Jetsetters: Ellen Challinger; Red Tulips: Ruby Dennis.

Fluffy Ducks could not keep up with Fruitloops, who ran rings around them to win 16-8. Best players: Fluffy Ducks: Christine Stone; Fruitloops: Tess Rimland.

Tumblers took a win off AGCs, who had not lost a game, 16-6. Best players: Tumblers: Pat Langmead; AGCs: Colleen Kennett.

It was a close game between Hunters and Sapphires but it was Sapphires' day to shine, 16-14. Best players: Hunters: Evelyn Angelo; Sapphires: Mona Puckridge.

Winks are on a winning streak, coming from behind to win 16-8 against Bowl You Over. Best players: Winks: Lesley Kolega; Bowl You Over: Coral Myers.

Free Birds flapped their wings and flew, taking a win against Fearless 16-10. Best players: Fearless: Kay Lodge; Free Birds: Betty Weir.

Lambchops proved no match for Luna Chicks who had a good win, 16-10. Best players: Luna Chicks: Kay Tucker; Lambchops: Pat Archer.

Tornados swirled around Fillies, winning 16-8. Best players: Tornados: Barb Moller; Fillies: Doreen Blewit.

Thursday night bocce, October 31

Round one

Wild Dogs came out barking but soon turned to howling when they realised Quintrex were too good, losing 8-12.

Sapphires crossed the line first in a close game against Tigers, 12-11.

Spunks had no chance against Lions with star player Aaron Dennis making it hard to get a point. Lions won 12-1.

Tigers won an upset against Wecan 12-2.

Round two

Wecan picked up to win 12-4 against Sapphires and Quintrex, on a winning streak, beat Turtles 12-4 in their second game.

Spunks had a turnaround, winning 12-9 against Tigers and Lions took their second win for the night against Wild Dogs, 12-8.