KISS concert for sharks sells out in seconds

Tickets for the KISS concert at sea off Port Lincoln later this month sold out in a matter of seconds and Matt Waller from Adventure Bay Charters believes they all went to international visitors.

"I imagine it would be people from Europe and people from America because of their fast internet," Mr Waller said.

However he said that was the idea behind the concert as he wanted Port Lincoln to have a global reputation.

"I'm super excited, it's going to be a lot of fun.

"We can't all fit on one boat so we will set it up like a concert...the stage will be one boat, and the crowd will be on another boat."

Mr Waller said they first approached Gene Simmons to sing but the whole band wanted to be involved in the AirBnb event, which will help launch the company's Animal Experiences.

Mr Waller said the time of the event would depend on the weather on the day and the boats would head out to the Neptune Islands "where the sharks are".

He said the band would fly in and out of Port Lincoln on a tight schedule given they were also on their world tour.

He said details of the November 18 event were being finalised but AirBnB was in control of it all.