Carers SA will reduce jobs in Port Lincoln and close office

The Port Lincoln Carers SA office will close as part of a state-wide shake up of the delivery of services to unpaid carers.

Carers SA works to improve the health, wellbeing and financial security of unpaid carers and is one of 80 organisations delivering such services nationwide.

Next year it will become one of 10 after securing a federal government contract, which Carers SA chief executive officer David Militz said was the reason for the office closure.

"As part of that funding, the government is looking to invest less into infrastructure," he said.

"It's more than likely the office will close at about the end of the year but we'll still have a presence - that's the important message to try to get out to the community."

Mr Militz said in Port Lincoln there would still be face-to-face services.

He said that there would be a restructure of the company due to the contract and the service delivery would be different from April next year, with a transition period until the end of May.

In Port Lincoln there is a regional team leader and someone delivering face-to-face services and Mr Militz said due to the changes the team leader role "won't exist".

"The good thing for the Eyre Peninsula is people already know us so it's not as big a change in your region as it is in others," he said.

He also said the service would focus more on peer support groups led by carers, which was something already occurring on the EP.

He said the organisation would reduce to one employee in Port Lincoln the new year before re-training took place in February.