Garfish around Louth jetty

Some good reports coming in from around the area this week.

Now for what was biting and where.


Venus Bay had good reports of big squid throughout the bay and from the jetty.

Gummy sharks were reported along the West Coast beaches, with Greenly, Point Drummond, and Talia all mentioned by anglers who had success.

Mulloway reports are coming in daily, with most crews returning with some form of success story.

Fish size ranges from just on legal, through to just over 140cm, indicating a few decent fish are there to be caught.

Gummy sharks, tailor, and salmon were all reported by beach fishermen along the West Coast beaches.


Farm Beach seems to be a go-to location for boaties fishing for whiting, with most picking up fish easily.

There are also plenty of gummys, big tommies and assorted other fish being caught.

Inside Coffins, the reports have been pretty quiet with mostly undersized whiting and tommies being caught.


King George whiting are being caught throughout the local area, with most boaties managing a decent feed.

Recent reports indicate fish are biting well from Hayden Point, Brothers, Spalding Cove, and Taylors all of decent size.

Boaties fishing the Brothers also reported some big fat trevally, big tommies, and good numbers of salmon trout.

Sleaford to Wanna had consistent reports of 7 to 10 pound fish being caught, with some cracker schools being seen in the area.

Louth Bay jetty had some good reports of garfish from undersize through to some very fat fish. Snook were also caught at night.

Crabs have not fully made a prominent presence throughout local bays as of yet, however some anglers are managing a feed.

Proper Bay has seen some anglers raking the shoreline at night time turning up a few decent crabs, whilst most boaties are yet to dust off their crab pots and have a try.

One and half kilogram salmon were schooling up along the North Shore proving some excellent sport on light gear.

Trevally, small squid, and big tommies were also reported, caught along the North Shore by boaties.


A few nice tommies, snook and squid were caught from the Port Neill jetty.

King George whiting are being caught out from Arno Bay in two to five metres of water.

Squid was the stand out bait.


The Group has been fishing well for whiting, snook, tommies and a few squid.

Tommies, snook, garfish and some good squid have been taken from the jetty and salmon trout in the marina area.


No reports this week.