Colour Tumby named top street art festival at awards gala

The Colour Tumby Street Art Festival has won Best Festival or Event at the inaugural Australian Street Art Awards.

Progress Association member Paul Stoddard.

Progress Association member Paul Stoddard.

The announcement was made yesterday evening at a gala dinner on the Sunshine Coast.

Tumby Bay Progress Association member Paul Stoddard said he woke up to the news on Thursday morning.

"It's really good for us and really good for the town," he said.

"It's a nice acknowledgement, we get a lot of backing from the town so it's a bit of a reward for everybody really."

Mr Stoddard said with more than 60 volunteers helping on top of the progress association members at this year's festival, it was good to have the recognition for everybody.

"There's extra awareness for us, a lot of publicity that comes out of it," he said.

"In terms of moving us forward as an event it can only help."

He also said the judging was based on the effect of the festival and not just the street art.

"It's not just looking at it straight from a festival point of view, it looks at the effect on the town positively," he said.

"And with have that solid evidence definitely really helped.

"We get over 400 people sign the visitor book up at the silos every month, it spreads across the country and all over the world.

"It's quite an acceptable art form now so I think it really attracts a wide range of people."

Australian Street Art Awards director Liz Rivers said the win would encourage more tourists to experience the Eyre Peninsula.

She said judging was conducted by tourism and event industry leaders from around Australia, "lending weight" to the win for Colour Tumby.

She said criteria focused on the attraction of visitors, the boost to the economy and how it brought the local community together.

She said the progress association was praised by the judges for adopting a "smart approach" and acting in "such a visionary way".

"The judges said Tumby Bay was punching well above its weight by securing street artists of global renown, ensuring the town stands apart from the majority of small destinations which have failed to grasp the reality that tourists were now seeking experiences beyond traditional beach holidays," she said.

Judges said Tumby Bay had been far-sighted in creating a legacy through street art that will continue to be a visitor drawcard.

Other winners:

  • 2019 Best Amusing Street Art: "Beach Party" mural, Emu Park (QLD)
  • 2019 Best Business Mural: Froth Craft Brewery's "Froth Lido Mural", Exmouth (WA)
  • 2019 Best External Mural: "Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea", Sunshine Coast (QLD)
  • 2019 Best Mega Mural: Narrandera Water Tower, Narrandera (NSW)
  • 2019 Best Monument or Memorial: Emu Park: Centenary of Anzac Memorial (QLD)
  • 2019 Best Rural Art: "The Watering Hole" Silos Mural, Thallon (QLD)
  • 2019 Best Street Art Trail: FORM's The PUBLIC Silo Trail (WA)
  • 2019 Best Utility Art: "Sunset Dreaming" mural, Manly (NSW).