Photographers learn the art of landscapes

Photo: Hamish Robertson
Photo: Hamish Robertson

Eleven enthusiastic members of the Port Lincoln Camera Club attending a landscape workshop run by accomplished Adelaide photographer John Hodgson on November 2 and 3.

The workshop included a session on theory, covering topics such as light, composition, viewpoint, colour, equipment, passion and patience, with each component discussed in detail.

Light is one of the most important aspects of landscapes, as good lighting will lead to good complementary colouring.

Interesting cloud formations will also add a good effect to landscapes; a sky totally devoid of cloud cover does not make an interesting photograph.

Composition is very important. The photographer is aiming for a good balance, and to tell a story about the shot.

Leading lines are another important aspect of landscape photography, along with foreground interest, to add interest to the landscape and anchor the shot.

Equipment plays a great part - DSLR or mirrorless camera, sturdy tripod, lens, which is normally wide angle, although it may be necessary to use a zoom lens, depending of the choice and accessibility of the location.

Photo: Amy Nairn

Photo: Amy Nairn

Mr Hodgson's advice was to choose the location, then visit it several times at different times of day, to decide which time is going to produce the best landscape.

Photographers need to be prepared to wait just for the right moment and, if necessary, return to the location to retake the shot or shots.

The group also travelled to Sleaford and chose a couple of areas to concentrate on.

The photographers had a great time taking shots from all angles, standing, kneeling, even lying down.

Their edited photographs were reviewed the next day with comments from Mr Hodgson and suggested changes to make the images even better.

He was very impressed with the group's efforts, proving everyone had taken his information on board.