2019 Elliston Wool Show | PHOTOS, RESULTS

The Elliston Area School held its 39th Annual Woolshow on Saturday, October 19.


Champion fleece donated by Elders: S & R Agars

Most appealing fleece donated by White River Merino and Poll Merino Stud: CD Watson & Co

Most appealing fleece (hogget) donated by Collandra North Poll Merino Stud: S & R Agars; (ewe/wether fine): 1st Honner Bros, 2nd Kenny Pastoral; (ewe/wether medium): 1st MR & JA Wandel, 2nd Honner Bros; (ewe/wether strong): 1st Lairg, 2nd Penna Bros; (hogget fine): 1st Zaroma, 2nd LS & JM Newton; (hogget medium): 1st Penna Bros, 2nd WL & MB Williams & Sons; (hogget strong): 1st S & R Agars, 2nd Honner Bros

Commercial value fleece: 1st NM & DS May, 2nd MR & JA Wandel

Lamb prizes: Jonah Siemek, Brock Nuske and Mitchell Wandel

Boot throwing competition: Ryan Donovan

Rolling pin throwing competition: Sarah Southern

Show and shine: Matt and Ashley Peters