Roadies come from behind

HOME RUN: Roadrunners' Amelia Rusden scored a home run in her side's win against Squaws.
HOME RUN: Roadrunners' Amelia Rusden scored a home run in her side's win against Squaws.

Port Lincoln and districts softball


Shields def Eagles 8-7

SHIELDS started the game with two runs and then got out.

Shenice Wells opened up Eagles' batting with a safe hit.

Shields then got a double play with a catch at third and threw to one.

Shields got five in their next dig with some great safe hitting.

Eagles came out and got three runs with Mary McCarthy hitting a big one to centre before the next few batters popped them up in the air and catches were made.

No runs were scored by Shields in their next batting dig.

Mary McCarthy then stepped up again and hit a home run to left field with Eagles scoring three in the dig but it was not enough, going down by one.

Best at bat: Eagles' Mary McCarthy with three from three and a home run.

STANDOUT: Alana Jantke had a good day on the diamond for Squaws.

STANDOUT: Alana Jantke had a good day on the diamond for Squaws.

Roadrunners def Squaws 15-14

It was a typical Squaws versus Roadies game.

Squaws got two runs in their first dig with some safe hits before a strike out from Jess Jolly ended the first batting dig.

Roadies got one run with a home run from Tegan Newman before having to field.

Squaws then got another six runs including a home run to Shyane McDonald.

There was a scattered three outs before Roadies went to bat and got three runs, including a home run to Tessa Rusden and a triple from Milly Morton.

Squaws then went to bat and first gamer Acacia Boyce got on base with a safe hit to right field.

Squaws made another three runs before Roadies returned to the batter's box.

Roadies needed to find something special and came out to score seven runs with nice safe batting to bring them within three runs of Squaws.

Squaws had three safe hits from McDonald, Quinnie Skin and Acacia Boyce and managed to get another run home.

In the next batting dig for Roadies Bronwyn Warland got a stand up double but no runs were scored.

Squaws then got three runs with a home run to Claire Norsworthy and a triple-bagger to Kimberly Simes before three quick outs.

Scores at this stage were 14-11 Squaws' way.

Roadies needed to find something special...



Roadies went to bat and opened with a home run to Tessa Rusden with some safe hits and a home run to Amelia Rusden to get three home to win the game.

Best at bat: Roadrunners' Tessa Rusden three from four with a home run and Squaws' Alana Jantke four from four including a stand-up double.


Shields def Eagles 11-3

Eagles started off batting safely and got one run but Shields tightened the defence and got the outs.

Shields started off with Danielle Miegel getting a triple to right field.

Shields had safe hits and got home four before going back to field.

Eagles went to bat but Shields stuck tight and pulled off a nice double play.

Shields went to bat and Porscha Shepperd got a home run on Eagles' errors.

Bel Watson hit to second but was caught out with a great catch by Renie McKee.

Best at bat: Danielle Miegel with three from three and two home runs.

Roadrunners def Squaws 32-9

Squaws started their first bat getting five runs home including a triple-bagger to Emma Davies and a home run to Abbey Mills before Tanya Habner then struck out the last batter.

Roadies then went to bat and got eight home.

They had lovely safe hitting, including a grand slam from Habner.

Squaws made one run with some safe hits but Roadies fielding was tight and young girls Ella Wheare and Siann Cross did well.

Roadies had good safe hitting again including a grand slam from Habner and a home run through left field for Brooke Neindorf.

Next fielding dig Cross got a double play with a tag on the runner and throw to first.

Shannon Atkins then threw to Wheare and got the stealing runner out.

Roadies continued to add the runs till time and game was called.

Best at bat: Tanya Habner five from seven with two home runs.




Shields def Eagles 10-1

Shields got another win on the board, defeating Eagles.

Eagles started at bat but Shields got the first two batters out before Shenice Wells hit a triple-bagger. Another out was made and Shields went up to bat.

Safe hitting by Shields got them seven in the first dig with Taylor Darby having a nice hit to left field and getting to third. Eagles scored in their next bat but could only manage one.

Shields' next bat saw them get a couple of runs but Katie Wells had a great few minutes pitching for Eagles, striking out the next three batters.

Best at bat: Shields' Lily Muller three from three with a home run.

Squaws def Roadrunners 14-3

Squaws had a big first batting dig with five runs crossed, including two home runs from Anna TeWano and Acacia Boyce. Roadies stepped up their defence and got the outs for a bat.

Roadies got one run and had a few safe hits but could not convert.

Squaws continued their safe hitting with another home run from TeWano.

Roadies kept getting on base through the game but a strong Squaws defensive unit shut them down.

Best at bat: Squaws' Anna TeWano, four from four with three home runs.