Castleys forced to defend

Western Approach Road resident Toni Castley has told of her horrifying experience watching the Duck Ponds fire take hold near her home on Monday.

Her home is located about a kilometre from where the fire started.

"I actually saw it husband doesn't work Mondays, thank god he was home," she said.

"I went out the front and saw some smoke around the Nu-View area...I got on the phone and called triple zero.

"While I was talking to them I saw it hit the trees and within half an hour it was at the front of the house."

Mrs Castley said a friend called who had a firefighting unit and joined them with theirs to fight the fire at the house.

"They spent six hours going around the house putting out spot fires," she said.

"If we'd left we would have lost the house.

"It literally went around the house.

"We have 22 acres of land and we probably lost 20 of it."

She said her husband had told her to leave with the dog but when she reached the highway the visibility was so poor she turned back around.

Mrs Castley said her husband's ute also began to run out of fuel, so she had to find a way into town to get fuel for the fire units.

Along the way she spotted a fire truck and told them their address and that they needed help.

When she got back home they continued to put out the fires until 11pm Monday night, and a helicopter with a thermal camera helped to direct them where to go and put out the hot spots.

"We're safe, the house is safe," she said.

"It's not as bad as Queensland but it is scary in itself."

She said she did not want to dramatise the event and Port Lincoln was very fortunate compared to the eastern states' fires.

Mrs Castley said when the fire came through they had to jump into action to save the house and it was not until after the fire that she broke down when she saw her garden of 15 years burnt out.

"Amongst all this stuff going on we remained calm and did what we had to do," she said.

She said the next day she and her husband were continuing to watch for hot spots and put them out, and they replaced the melted water pipes.

Mrs Castley said she had asked for plant vouchers for Christmas from family members to begin her garden again.