Power cut to ensure safety

SA Power Networks made the call to cut power to 14,000 Lower Eyre Peninsula customers on Monday after weather and fire conditions became too extreme.

A spokesperson said SAPN was monitoring the weather and the fire conditions and cut power as part of its efforts to ensure community safety.

"We noted at about 4.15pm that the fire conditions were starting to escalate, we talked to the CFS and made the decision to disconnect the power to avoid further fires."

The spokesperson said SAPN continued to monitor conditions and once a notice of abatement was issued, began restoring power.

By 11.30pm power had been restored to everyone except three customers who were in the fire area.

"We would like to say thank you, for their magnificent efforts, to the volunteers, it's really because of them we were able to start restoring power so quickly.

"They escorted us through the fire ground, sometimes access can delay restoration, so we really appreciate that."