Remaining KISS band members to still perform off Port Lincoln for great white sharks

American rock band KISS have cancelled their Australian tour due to illness, but organisers of the shark concert near Port Lincoln said it will still go ahead.

Promoters One World Entertainment and TEG Live announced the tour, that was due to commence next week, was cancelled due to band member Paul Stanley's illness.

He was advised by doctors earlier this week to rest due to influenza, and has now developed an additional infection in his throat and is on complete vocal rest.

However Matt Waller from Adventure Bay Charters said he was informed by main organisers of the concert at sea that it would still go ahead without the front man.

The band are set to perform on a boat to attract great white sharks with their music on Monday November 18.


"As we're a promotion, it's a bit different...they can't go on tour without him," said Mr Waller.

"Adventure Bay Charters might host the last and only show by KISS (in Australia).

"Rock on!"

A spokesperson from AirBnB also confirmed that while Paul Stanley would likely not be joining the rest of the band the concert was still scheduled to go ahead on Monday.

"It's likely that the AirBnB shark experience will still go ahead...making it the only event in Australia," they said.

KISS band member Mr Stanley said the band waited as long as they could to see if his condition improved.

"Words cannot begin to convey our massive disappointment in having to cancel our End Of The Road tour of your incredible country," he said.

"Our connection to you is unparalleled and decades deep.

"We waited as long as we could and held out hope to the last minute that my situation would clear up and we would be able to march forward.

"Doctor's orders ultimately have taken precedence and finally we now find ourselves with no choice but to surrender...with heavy hearts, KISS."

Eight tickets were sold to fans of the band to the concert at sea, where they will be able to watch them perform up on deck but also watch below for approaching sharks.

Sound is known as underwater stimulus for marine life and according to research great white sharks have shown preferences towards heavy metal and rock and roll music.