Shields control game from first bat


Shields 31 def Eagles 17

SHIELDS came out firing scoring six runs at their first bat, Zoey Muller ripped a ball to right field with Luka Woods and Holley Shepperd both hitting to left field.

Eagles pulled it together and got the outs they needed to bat, Luka Woods making two of the three outs to make side away.

Shields were in control and added another five runs with a home run to Melissa Balek and hits to right field from Porscha Shepperd and Liza De La Cruz.

Eagles went back into bat and got two runs on the board with safe hits to Koren Jenkins and Shenice Wells before Shields took over in the batter's box.

Shields added another six runs with P. Shepperd slapping a home run to centre field and Cammy Grantham hitting a two base hit to centre field.

Eagles scored six runs, Eliza Jacob hitting a solid three base hit to centre field before they went back to field.

Shields sealed the game adding 14 runs, Melissa Balek had a field day with the bat hitting her second home run for the game, Jodie Bellchambers hit a three base hit to centre field and P. Shepperd hit to centre field.

Eagles needed to score runs to close the game and they got nine with a home run to K. Jenkins and a Sarah Laube sending one to centre field before time and game.

Best with bat Karinda Weisz and Liza De La Cruz both five from five.

Squaws 15 def Roadrunners 6

Both teams started slow with only Squaws managing a single run.

The second innings was the same with Roadies scoring the only run for the innings.

Squaws scored two runs for the third innings with Claire Norsworthy cracking a home run to left field.

Roadies' Kasha Judge caught a fly ball to second base to end the innings. In the batter's box they added three runs with safe hits to Jess Jolly and Airlie O'Brien.

Squaws were back in the batter's box and put the Roadies field to work scoring eight big runs for the innings with Shyane McDonald hitting a three base hit to centre field and Tianna Boyce hitting one to right field.

Roadies rallied get batting but could not score any more runs.

Squaws added four runs through Jacinta Packer's double base hit before Jess Jolly shut it down with two strike outs.

Roadies had one last chance to use the hitting stick but only scored two runs.

Best with bat Claire Norsworthy four from four.


Roadrunners 12 def Squaws 6

The game started with Charmaine Cross hitting a thumper to left field before the Squaws girls shut out the innings.

Squaws started slow not being able to score in the first despite a nice hit to centre field from Suzanne Scanlon.

Roadies were in the batting box but could not add to their score.

Squaws turn was short lived with nothing added to the scoreboard.

Roadies scored a single run for the innings with Tanya Habner crossing home plate.

Squaws were ready but it was a short dig with only one run scored, Suzanne Scanlon hitting to right field and Livinia Kerley hitting to left field.

Roadies scored six runs with Brooke Neindorf, Cross, Donna Bowey and Kisha Cummings all hitting to left field and Shannon Atkins having a safe hit to centre field.

Squaws were back in and added five runs with a double base hit from Tianna Boyce and a single hit to right field from Kayla Perry, but this was where it ended for Squaws as they failed to score.

Roadies were back in control with Cross giving the bat a work out whacking a three bagger to centre field.

Best with bat Charmaine Cross three from three, Suzanne Scanlon three from four.

Eagles 8 def Shields 6

Shields scored the first run with Heather Lawson hitting to short stop scoring Cammy Grantham until Eagles made a double play to finish the innings.

Eagles were out of luck as Tigers sharp fielding sent them out to the field.

Shields batter Lily Muller hit a home run to centre field scoring two runs before Eagles made the outs to bat but remained scoreless.

Shields were back batting and scored another two runs with safe hits from Lawson, Holly Shepperd and Renie McKee.

Eagles responded, scoring four runs with safe hits from Mel Sewer and Koren Jenkins.

Shields rallied with a catch from Muller at centre field and a pop fly to catcher Shepperd to get back in the batter's box.

They managed one run from a hit from Shepperd to third base scoring Jane Hanley.

Eagles found their groove to add another four runs with safe hits from Tiarnie Edwards and Jenkins, Shenice Wells with smart base running scored one of those runs.

Back batting, Shields' Dannielle Miegel hit a home run to centre field, Karinda Weisz hit a cracker to left field and Fiona Pietrala hit a safe hit to short stop, but Eagles shut down the innings with an infield fly.

Eagles batted until time and game was called with a two base thumper to centre field from Billie Jenkins and a cracking three base hit to Kelly Sewer.

Best with bat Holly Shepperd, Dannielle Miegel and Lily Muller four from four.


Squaws 16 def Roadrunners 5

Roadrunners started with a bang scoring the first five runs with a beautiful centre field hit from Siann Cross.

Squaws responded quickly scoring six runs with a smashing home run to left field from Anna Te Wano and a three base hit from Shadya Kerley.

Roadies' next bat was short due to sharp fielding from Squaws.

Squaws scored six runs with a home run to Kerley and a grand slam to right field from Acacia Boyce. Roadies tightened the field to see side away.

In the last bat of the game Roadies were once again scoreless for the innings, Squaws were on fire and added another four runs including two home runs to centre field from Kia Bascomb and Cate Pearce.

Best with bat Anna Te Wano and Gemma Fowler three from three.

Shields 21 def Eagles 5

Tigers were on fire scoring the first seven runs with a double base hit to right field from Lily Muller and a home run to Porscha Shepperd setting the stage.

Eagles were scoreless after the first innings with clever fielding from Tigers.

Shields dominated with the bat adding another seven runs to their tally with Eliza Hartwich sending a cracker hit to centre field before side was called.

Back into bat Eagles' Jesse Sewer hit to left field scoring the only two runs for the innings, Narelle Bunting also had a nice hit to centre field.

Shields were successful with the bat scoring seven runs with smart team batting and another fancy hit to left field from Hartwich.

Best with bat Hartwich three from three.