Residents ready for recycling

The increase in support for recycling among Lower Eyre Peninsula residents highlighted in a recent council survey (story, page 4) is not surprising given the rising level of interest in recycling across the wider community.

While the level of support for paying for a kerbside recycling service fell just short of a majority (48 per cent), 19 per cent did not express an opinion either way so the number of people opposed to an increase in rates in exchange for the service was less than half of respondents.

Just four years ago the level of support was only 28 per cent so this is a significant jump.

Local community sentiment has, for a while, been leaning further toward reducing landfill, so much so that the Coffin Bay Progress Association initiated its own survey earlier this year to re-evaluate community opinion after people expressed concerns about the lack of recycling options.

The association was commended at the time for taking a proactive approach to the issue and the results showed people were more receptive towards a rate increase in exchange for a recycling service.

While no decisions or promises have been made it is encouraging to hear the council will be considering it as it reviews its waste management strategy over the coming months.

If the full cost of a kerbside service - potentially about $140 per household - is passed on to ratepayers it will mean a significant increase in rates but there may be measures the council could take, such as reducing the frequency of collections, to reduce the cost.

The council's kerbside collection service contract expires in June 2021 and it would make sense for any kerbside recycling service to be negotiated as part of the new contract so even if the council decides to go ahead with it, it is unlikely to happen in the near future. However after waiting this long, another 18 months is not long in the scheme of things.