Safety must prevail along walking trail

Dr T Dion Manthorpe ('Walking Trail not made for cyclists', Letters, Port Lincoln Times, November 14) warned of the danger to walkers adjacent to his home.

This is indeed a hot spot, along the Kirton Point trail to Mundy's mooring.

This trail was first mooted in 1986 when Bob Flavel, chairman of the SGAP (Society for Growing Australian Plants) and myself chairman of the Kirton Ward Progressive became aware that the reserve between Mundy's mooring and at least the Porter Bay slipway could become clifftop residential land and with it much irreplaceable rich flora and fauna would vanish.

Along with Christina Haldane and Shane Sherry we approached the Port Lincoln City Council with the suggestion that a trail meandering through the bush without destroying bush land could afford walkers a glimpse of the beauty therein.

The suggestion became a reality with the group named The Coastal Reserve Committee.

At no time was the trail considered dual use for obvious reasons, the nature of the trail - sharp corners, line of sight, narrowness of the trail et cetera.

Some cyclists are considerate, others not when approaching walkers - this does not negate the fact that this is a walking trail.

A law stating that cyclists must walk their cycles through this area would be beneficial.

Who knows, this way they may come to enjoy the sights and sounds of the trail and may wish to also preserve them.

Meanwhile I agree with Dr Manthorpe that some strict laws and policing is needed now and into the future to ensure safety prevails.

Good for you doctor for raising this issue.


Port Lincoln


I totally agree with Anne-Marie Hammond's letter in the Port Lincoln Times on November 28.

Referring to the Tod Highway/ Flinders Highway intersection, there should be at least a 300 metre merging lane for traffic entering Flinders Highway.

This has always been a disgraceful intersection and should be upgraded as a number one priority.


Port Lincoln


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The draft plans for the redevelopment of Puckridge Park (above) were made public this week, and people had lots of ideas about what should be included.

Throw some big old fishing rope down to make more presentable walking paths. Some more historical stories of Lincoln on plaques at viewpoints. Keep all the trees there, there are more than enough grassy areas around town not being thoroughly used enough as it is.


About time, need more parks instead of snake parks.


Leave it as it is. I had lots of fun back there and didn't need infrastructure. Maybe I just knew how to make fun.


Dog park, outdoor gym, walking and running track, benches and tables, barbecues.