Cummins Melbourne Cup luncheon | PHOTOS

The Cummins Hospital Auxiliary hosted another very successful Melbourne Cup luncheon at the Ramblers Clubrooms on November 5 raising more than $3000.

President Jan Phelps welcomed everyone to the luncheon, mentioning past presidents in particular, the two patronesses, Joanne Quigley and Margaret Carr, and Liz Mickan, who is a member of the Lower Eyre Health Advisory Council.

Complimentary champagne and orange juice supplied by Jane Smith and Marie Charlton was handed out to everyone on arrival.

Gladys Hall once again organised the elaborate table decorations, while Janette Haarsma organised a competition that had each table making up a headdress with items supplied. Some very elaborate creations were modelled, with Bette Calmers chosen as the winner.

The many sweeps organised by Judy Holman and Helen Mickan sold out in record time.

The multi raffle tickets sold by Beth Meaney and Beryl Taylor sold well and many guests took home their choice of prize off the raffle table.

A wine raffle organised by Leanne Seaman, with the bottles donated by Ann Burns, was won by Vicki Siegert, Josie Hammond and Fiona Dahlitz.

The delicious beef and chicken schnitzels were cooked to perfection by Ian Holman and John Mihaljevic.

They were served with tomato sauce or gravy and everyone selected from a large variety of salads supplied by auxiliary members, who also made the delicious sweets.

Bev Branson entertained with her singing and guitar playing talents.

Grace Coombes and Janette Haarsma organised a reliving of the SA Jubilee 150, with Year 10 and 11 students modelling several outfits of gowns and bonnets worn at the events held during the celebrations.

Costumes on display had been made by Mrs Coombes' late mother Thelma Robins.

Amanda Hall and Kate Boehm gave a brief outline of the hospital upgrades/renovations that are being undertaken to the nurses' station area. The aim for the revamp was to make it modern, give more space, and increase security and confidentiality.

The renovations include moving all medication to a separate area, improved modern design, new cabinetry and more desk space, installation of safety glass and doors with swipe card access.

This will ensure a safe space for patient files and medication storage.

Safety of staff was paramount in the planning of the upgrades, which will also provide an area for confidential discussions on patient health care.

The renovations will be 100 per cent funded by donations from the public and businesses, and the staff are extremely grateful for the generosity of all who have supported the project.

Best hat competition was won by Cathy Pearson, who was the MC for the day. Men's best hat was won by John Kelly and the funny hat was won by Steve Albrecht.

After the race was over everyone collected their sweep winnings and Jan Phelps thanked the women who worked tirelessly in the kitchen under the guidance of convenor Pat Speed, who filled in for Carolyn Martin; the bar person, Liz Mickan; and her committee, in particular Leanne Seaman, Janette Haarsma and Ronda Glover.

She acknowledged the support of the Rambler Football Club and Lyall Dolling, and special thanks went out to more than 100 people, who went along to the luncheon in support of the major fundraiser for the Cummins Hospital and Miroma Place Hostel.