Free Birds take flight in close game

Tuesday Morning Bocce 26/11/19

TUMBLERS def Jetsetters 16 - 10. Best player for Tumblers Sandra Edwards. Best player for Jetsetters Ann Dennis

Fluffy Ducks def Lambchops 16 - 12. Best player for Fluffy Ducks Yvonne Kelly. Best player for Lambchops Pat Archer.

Sapphires lost to AGC's 16 - 1. Best player for Sapphires Mona Puckridge. Best player for AGC's Gerri Evenden.

Tornados lost to Bowl You Over 11 - 16. Best player for Tornados Barb Moller. Best player for Bowl You Over Jo King.

Luna Chicks kept the lead to win against Apricots 16 - 3. Best player for Luna Chicks Beth Townsend. Best player for Apricots Di West.

Hunters finished strong winning 16 - 10 against Fillies. Best player for Hunters Anne Wedding. Best Player for Fillies Chris Hains.

Fearless had a strong win 16 - 8. Best player for Hunters Lee-anne McIver. Best player for Scenic Rosemary Holden.

It was a close game between Seagulls and Winks but Winks edged ahead to win 16 - 11. Best player for Seagulls Carol Thompson. Best Player for Winks Lesley Kolega.

Fruitloops kept up with Free Birds but Free Birds took flight at the end to win 16 - 14. Best player for Fruitloops Marie Whittle. Best player for Free Birds Betty Weir.

WINKS: Lesley Kolega, Dawn Hurrell and Marlene Dennis.

WINKS: Lesley Kolega, Dawn Hurrell and Marlene Dennis.

Thursday Night Bocce 28/11/19

Round 1

Turtles had a convincing win against Quintrex 12 - 7.

Tigers and spunks fought it out but Tigers took the win 12 - 10.

Wecan could not do a thing right in their first game losing 1 - 12.

Wild Dogs were too good for Lions winning 12 - 7.

Round 2

Lions came back in their second game against Turtles to win 12 - 7.

Spunks had no chance tonight against Wecan losing 3 - 12.

Quintrex had to drop their pants against Sapphires with a loss of 0 - 12.

Wild Dogs were on a roll tonight taking a second win against Tigers 12 - 1.